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  • Taking a quick look at Maine. They’re in 9th place in HE, which is a pretty strong conference. They beat Qpac in October which is their most impressive win. They’ve won 3 in a row vs Vermont (twice) and Canisius. They’re probably not a bad team but shouldn’t we sweep them at home? I don’t think that’s asking too much.


    • Regrettably, that is asking too much. We went 0-1-1 at home vs Vermont, which now stands at an unimpressive 6-11-1. Their program has been terrible ever since Gilligan left. Good teams win at home. Better teams win on the road. A split w/ Maine would not be asking too much imo. Never know which Colgate team and goaltender will show up on any given night. Halfway through the season and we’re sub -.500 again. I don’t feel there has ever been any home advantage at Class of ‘65 Arena for this program. Maine will not feel intimidated.
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      • First, we are all different as to how we set our expectations for the Colgate men's ice hockey program (note: "Yay!" for 'flakes being different).

        Second, by now, we all know that IBT Loves PWR.

        Third, Maine is #31 according to PairWise Ranking (PWR) and Colgate is #43, so, right out of the box, Maine is favored over Colgate on Friday and again on Saturday. PWR takes into account home versus away, and TeacherBill has already addressed Colgate's advantage of playing in its new-ish Class of '65 Arena.

        Fourth, as of tonight, Maine's record against teams ranked lower than it in PWR (as is Colgate) is 5 wins and 1 loss. Colgate's record against teams ranked higher than it in PWR (as is Maine) is 5 wins and 8 losses. 5 wins out of 6 is certainly better than 5 wins out of 13.

        Finally, Magoo doesn't think a sweep of Maine by Colgate at home is asking too much. TeacherBill does not think a split with Maine at home by Colgate is asking too much. From my way of thinking, at the New Year (as PWR becomes increasingly relevant), I don't think asking for Colgate to be swept by Maine at home this coming weekend is asking too much. Afterall, Maine has already proven themselves to be the better team (taking into account home-versus-away, strength of schedule, etc.). Anything other than a total sweep by the Black Bears is a HUGE win for the Raiders, in my not-so-humble opinion.

        P.S. - Tonight, I took in hockey game #27 on the season for me... PWR#16 Cornell 8, PWR#41 American International College 4.
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        • I guess I’ll never understand how PWR works. I guess strength of schedule has something to do with it. But we have won 4 in a row at home (which may be the longest home winning streak at Class of 65 Arena) so we’ll see if we can keep that going. I can live with a split I suppose.


          • Clarkson just did themselves (and the rest of ECAC) a HUGE PWR favor by coming out of the break strong. On Wednesday, at the Milwaukee tournament, they upset Hockey East’s UMass to advance to the title game. Last night, in the nightcap, they beat Big Ten’s Wisconsin. That is HUGE.
            So, I know Colgate can come out of the break strong and keep its home-ice and overall momentum going. But, I just don’t think it’s going to be an easy ask against Maine.


            • Too many variables for me, Colgate is 6-3 in their last nine, if they play like they did against Harvard I think a sweep is possible. How rusty will they be after not playing for a month ?
              It all starts with the goaltending.


              • Carter Gylander led the team on the ice for tonight’s pre-game warmup. Jacob Mucitelli is in goal for Maine.

                5-minute major to Colton Young. Maine scored once (by Nolan Renwick).
                As soon as penalty ended, Alex Young scored a beautiful goal (from Alex DiPaolo).

                Alex Young with his second of the game on a PP.

                Colgate 10, Maine 6, SOG after one.
                Colgate 2, Maine 1, score after one.

                Maine’s Brandon Holt scored their second with a beautiful shot. Carter Gylander has been visibly upset with himself on both Maine goals tonight.

                Colgate’s Sebastian Tamburro scored our third goal, another beauty from Simon LaBelle and Tommy Bergsland.

                Colgate’s fourth goal scored by Ross Mitton (from Alex DiPaolo and Arnaud Vachon).

                Arnaud Vachon with a PP goal. SOG are 15-13 and score is 5-2 with three minutes to go in second.

                Oldtimer, if that is the student end, they are on break. Hamilton is a ghost town this weekend. Fairly good representation by Black Bear fans tonight.

                Colgate 15, Maine 13, SOG after two.
                Colgate 5, Maine 2, score after two.

                Connor Androlewicz now in goal for Maine.
                Early in the third… a) we are starting to take our foot off the gas, and b) it is getting chippy.

                We just had a Power Play and didn’t put one shot on net. And another one!! Crazy!! And another PP with a shot or two on net.

                Tomorrow’s game is a 4 p.m. start.

                Maine 20, Colgate 19, final SOG.
                Colgate 5, Maine 2, final score.
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                • So what's up at the South end of the stands, are they making repairs or changes?


                  • Originally posted by Oldtimer View Post
                    So what's up at the South end of the stands, are they making repairs or changes?
                    If you mean the student section/standing room, it's generally empty whether the kids are on campus or not. They have a ticket deal going on right now that brought the locals out... I'll be interested to see the attendance #'s. Definitely felt more crowded as you moved around the concourse. And a nice win, I'll take it!


                    • 5 in a row at home - gotta like it!
                      Let’s make it 6 tomorrow - why not?


                      • Just got home after successfully avoiding two deer and an Amish buggy out on the roads after dark…

                        Magoo, I can’t argue with you this time… why not indeed?!

                        Tonight’s win was easier to come by than I ever thought possible, especially after Colton Young’s uncharacteristic game misconduct early on. Thankfully bro Alex really stepped up (two goals), as did Matt Verboon with three assists.

                        I don’t keep track of penalties, but I don’t recall any opponent getting into more penalty trouble this season than Maine tonight. But even if you subtract out all the PPGs tonight, it was still a 3-1 game.

                        It was great seeing some friends tonight at the game, including two that I haven’t seen all season. Even made a new friend tonight who is into sprint car racing as much as I am.

                        Final thought… remember back on February 19, Senior Night, when Will Friend started the all-important game after never having previously played for Colgate (as back-up goalie)? Well, ‘the Professor’ told me tonight that it was Will’s fellow student-athletes that asked Don Vaughan to give Will Friend the start (and our coach agreed). That’s a pretty kewl backstory. Thanks!

                        P.S. - Apparently Maine’s number one goalie, Victor Ostman of Sweden, was ill tonight, which allowed Clarkson transfer Jacob Mucitelli to get the start against ‘Gate. According to hockeydb, Jacob was 8-0-1 last season at Clarkson, with three shutouts.

                        P.P.S. - Funny… I am so hung up on PWR that I just looked at the updated numbers going into Saturday afternoon’s game… Colgate PWR#41, Maine PWR#41. Too much fun!


                        • Last night's game was fun to watch. Passing was very good, actually some plays I was shocked after three or four crisp passes had me saying "Is this really Colgate"? Thought Gylander made some key stops also.

                          I missed the major on Young, will he be able to play tonight ? Sure would be nice to sweep !

                          Magoo...why not ?

                          LOL, just put the game on ESPN+ replay this am.
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                          It all starts with the goaltending.


                          • Iowa, did you see the major to Young ? I watched the replay three times and the camera didn't catch it.
                            It all starts with the goaltending.


                            • Shabby, no, I didn’t either. The guy I sat next to last night, from Manlius, wondered why they were doing a video review of an offsides and I said, ‘I think they are deciding a penalty, 2 or 5 minutes.’ Obviously he didn’t see it either. However, when it was given and announced, there was no screaming from Don Vaughan, as he had done even earlier on a disagreement with the officials.


                              • Originally posted by Gate83 View Post

                                If you mean the student section/standing room, it's generally empty whether the kids are on campus or not. They have a ticket deal going on right now that brought the locals out... I'll be interested to see the attendance #'s. Definitely felt more crowded as you moved around the concourse. And a nice win, I'll take it!
                                The wall behind the glass right behind goalie is covered up, I noticed it a few games ago ?
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                                It all starts with the goaltending.