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  • Originally posted by TheGreenCoat View Post
    Frankly Red it seems the Ivy League is intent on having eight female ADs...many, including yours truly, think she was a lot of form, scant substance...MIH and football needed strong, decisive input...I don't think we got very Cornell is my favorite Ivy I wish you may need it...

    Well, one of the big criticisms against the previous AD is specifically around football's poor performance much of the past decade and how he let the current coach keep his job despite that. Women's sports, with a few notable exceptions (i.e. hockey), have also long had poor performance under his tenure, which hopefully this new AD can improve. I don't see MIH, wrestling, and lacrosse, which are successful sports with great coaching and alumni support, being adversely affected too much, barring a string of very poor decisions.

    For what it's worth, she introduced herself during the 1st intermission at Lynah last night, well before the theatrics of Harvard and the crowd at the end of the game


    • Don't look now but, we're tied for third with Cornell (until tonight)with a better record. Hard to believe but we have four scorers in the top ten in ECAC hockey !
      It all starts with the goaltending.


      • Originally posted by sshablak View Post
        I thought our PP was very good last night, great puck movement, crisp passing. At 3-0 I started switching back and forth all the ECAC games, very surprised that Princeton hammered Clarkson. Harvard looked very good last night, Cornell same ole same ole, huge plodding forwards, try to outmuscle you. Very tough game tonight against #9 Harvard.
        Cornell doesn't want to get into a skating game with us because they know we'll run them out of the barn. So, they turn the game into a tractor pull. Schaefer plays not to lose against us.

        BTW, I caught part of your game last night against Dartmouth. Manderville is a stud. How did Cornell not land him given the legacy of his dad?


        • John Mcgraw is great but sadly he was not doing the game last night. Women win at Ingalls, hope the luck rubs off...


          • Carter Gylander led the team onto the ice tonight for the pre-game warm-up. Aku Koskenvuo did the same for Harvard.

            Matt Verboon put ‘Gate on the board early (from Reid Irwin and Anthony Stark).
            Harvard pinged one off the pipe shortly afterwards. Colgate did the same soon after.

            Halfway through the first period, this is already the best hockey that I have seen this season. Harvard is just so fast, it is forcing Colgate to up its game.

            Colgate 12, Harvard 9, SOG after one.
            Colgate 1, Harvard 0, score after one.

            Holy cow!! That was a great advertisement for college hockey. Harvard clearly deserves its PWR#9.

            Colgate opened the period on a Power Play. As it expired, Harvard’s Ferrell scored. A minute later, Harvard scored again.
            And they scored again midway through the period as Carter was screened.

            Alex Young with a PPG from Colton Young and Matt Verboon.
            Alex Young with another PPG tied it up (from Colton Young and Nick Anderson).

            Colgate 23, Harvard 22, SOG after two.
            Colgate 3, Harvard 3, score after two.

            Win or lose, this has been a great game for Colgate. Another reason that I would like to see ‘Gate schedule recent NCAA Tournament teams as future non-conference opponents. Better teams motivate us to play better.

            Colgate’s Alex DiPaolo (from Ross Mitton) scored in the first minute of the third… at even-strength.

            Colgate’s Colton Young scored a SHG (from Ross Mitton and Reid Irwin), which is being challenged by Harvard (goalie interference).
            It is good!!

            Harvard responded with their own PPG, which is being challenged by Colgate. And it is good.

            Ten minutes left. 30-30 SOG. Colgate 5-4. Just a great game!! Hopefully we keep our foot on the gas.

            ENG by Alex Young as time ran out. Hat Trick!!

            Harvard 39, Colgate 34, final SOG.
            Colgate 6, Harvard 4, final score.
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            • I'm trying to watch Gate 1-0 over Harvard, and Bruins 1-0 Colorado, it's driving me nuts.

              It all starts with the goaltending.


              • Well it looks like you will be a happy man tonight. Gate 5-4 over the Cantabs and B's 3-1 late. Sam Jelnick did a nice job with the TV call tonight...


                • Home, safe-n-sound, and still wound up…

                  Carter Gylander deserves credit as he really had a great game. He never lost his composure after seeing two goals against in 34 seconds at the start of the second period.

                  Not often that you see Colgate score PPGs, a SHG, and an ENG in the same game. Kudos to Alex Young on the Hat Trick and bro Colton Young on a goal and two assists. Ross Mitton with three assists. And Reid Irwin with two more assists. And Matt Verboon…

                  The Colgate Pep Band was in the house on Friday and students turned out in big numbers tonight, which was great to see. And they were very vocal, so much so that I couldn’t even hear the p.a. announcer announce the final goal. The Teddy Bear Toss benefitting Toys for Tots was very successful, too.

                  The ending of the game was crazy, with Alex Young’s ENG delivered at the 20:00 mark. There was confusion over whether there were actually seconds left on the clock and Don Vaughan actually started calling his celebrating players back for a face-off. To his credit, Ted Donato just told the ref to drop the puck and end the game. Vaughan (30th year) and Donato (19th year) shook hands and hugged afterwards.

                  Harvard is now PWR#15 and Colgate is PWR#39.

                  ”Good teams sweep at home and split on the road.”

                  Finally, fans near me in Section 9 were confused as to who actually got credit for the win over Harvard, the outgoing AD or the incoming actor.


                  • Heck of a weekend, we are in 3rd and a legitimate top 4 as if the teams below us win their extra games we retain our place. Additionally, we have already played the top 2 teams. AND top billing on the USCHO main page


                    • Congrats to ‘Gate on a great win. First time in a century we’re on the USCHO front page, great to see.

                      Where did you get that quote from, Iowa…”Good teams sweep at home and split on the road.” Have always said that good teams win at home, but great teams win on the road. Harvard did not play like a great team imho and had a very different game at Lynah the night before. Donato took a gamble against a sub-.500 Colgate team and played his freshman goaltender, who was a disaster. Thought Gylander was his usual self, giving up 4 goals. He rarely has my confidence. We’ve at least earned the series split. If your quote is true, Iowa, it may be a different result in Cambridge. Maybe we’ll finally defeat Cornell this year.
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                      • Couldn't be happier the way this team responded after Harvard laid three on us early in the second period...although our skill level is not quite up to theirs (who CAN match that level) we can skate with them and we won a lot of the one-on-one battles...and yes Gylander recovered very well after Harvard's third goal...great to see GOALS, even strength, PPs, SHs...even if the Browns lose today MIH has made my weekend...


                        • A pleasure to open up USCHO this am !!
                          It all starts with the goaltending.


                          • What a great weekend for both Colgate hockey programs!!! So happy to hear that the students showed up on Saturday at the '65! A well deserved rest for both teams going into the holiday break. Go 'gate!!!!


                            • Originally posted by TheGreenCoat View Post
                              Couldn't be happier the way this team responded after Harvard laid three on us early in the second period...although our skill level is not quite up to theirs (who CAN match that level) we can skate with them and we won a lot of the one-on-one battles...and yes Gylander recovered very well after Harvard's third goal...great to see GOALS, even strength, PPs, SHs...even if the Browns lose today MIH has made my weekend...
                              As a Harvard fan, the way I saw it, we stopped skating and took stupid penalties which is a recipe for disaster. We thought the game was over at 3-1. Not to make excuses but we've been on the road for the past three weeks including last week's Michigan trip and then Cornell last night. We start exams on Monday, and I think the team just wasn't ready to compete for 60 minutes. They had their minds on the bus trip home. Expect a very different result in Cambridge.


                              • Do I smell "sour grapes" Skate79. Harvard has way more talent but that's why they play the games !
                                It all starts with the goaltending.