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  • A friday night win, beat 1-6 Yale tonight and we're right in the mix. I would have liked to see Gylander console Caron after the OT goal, class move !
    It all starts with the goaltending.


    • Carter Gylander led the team onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warmup.
      Nathan Reid did the same for Yale.

      Nic Belpedio from Matt Verboon at 27 seconds into the first.

      PPG by Colgate’s Ethan Manderville from Colton Young.

      Yale had Power Play and never put a shot on net. 6-1 SOG after 14 minutes.
      Shortly thereafter, Yale with another Power Play. Again, zero SOG during it. 9-1 SOG with three minutes left.
      Colgate pinged one off the pipe.

      Colgate 9, Yale 1, SOG after one.
      Colgate 2, Yale 0, score after one.

      Alex DiPaolo scored 32 seconds into the second. Wicked shot. Assist to Ross Mitton.

      Alex Young scored from Arnaud Vachon as Yale defenseman and goalie miscommunicated in front of net.

      Levi Glasman from Arnaud Vachon. Yale goalie not having a great night. 15-4 SOG. 5-0 score.
      Last night, Cornell 5-0 after two. 5-2 final score.

      Power Play goal by Matt Verboon (from Alex Young and Nick Anderson).

      Arnaud Vachon penalty with one minute left in second period.

      Colgate 17, Yale 4, SOG after two.
      Colgate 6, Yale 0, score after two.

      Connor Hopkins now in goal for Yale (for third period).

      Alex DiPaolo from Ross Mitton midway through the third period. Great drive on net by DiPaolo.

      PPG for Nic Belpedio from Simon LaBelle. That Power Play was impressive.

      Stick laying on ice crosswise in front of Gylander with less than three minutes to play. Yale shot hits it, rises and goes into the net. Colgate challenges the play as offsides. Denied. Goal stands. Shutout lost.

      Colgate 30, Yale 16, final SOG.
      Colgate 8, Yale 1, final score.

      It is going to be a long season for Yale, am afraid.
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      • Back home, safe-n-sound... While I am not ready to crown the Colgate Raiders the Kings of ECAC Hockey after wins against PWR#59 Brown and PWR#61 Yale (out of 62 NCAA D-1 programs), this weekend was just what the doctor had ordered for the PWR#45 Raiders ... a sweep at home, a Friday night win, first goals in both games, firepower (3 plus 8), and a near-shutout tonight. We are now 4th of 12 in ECAC Hockey with 10 points, though Clarkson has two games-in-hand on us with 9 points. Overall, we are 6-7-1 with two non-conference games at PWR#29 Niagara next up on the docket. Go 'Gate!


        • Albeit against a bad Yale team, they played well last night...aggressive, skated well, made good decisions, and kept the pedal to the medal for 3 periods...Friday's night win - a game they deserved to win, but could've lost - may be the tonic this team needed...


          • Maybe DV discovered some things about his players/team this weekend that will stand them in good stead going forward? While I feel somewhat sorry for the Eli players I have no sorrow for the Yale program. They have stuck it to us many times over the years when we were down.....there is no pity here.
            COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


            • Thought we played just as well Friday as Saturday, difference was the opposiing goalie... Brown's was excellent, Yale not so much. Was nice to have a laugher go our way for once!


              • Amen.
                It all starts with the goaltending.


                • First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Colgate Raiders men's ice hockey fans on here. As George Bernard Shaw once wrote, "Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute."

                  Finally, as we head into the holiday weekend, here are the PairWise Rankings (PWR) for ECAC Hockey schools (amongst the 62 NCAA programs)...

                  College Hockey News (CHN):
                  6-Quinnipiac, 8-Harvard,
                  28-Cornell, 34-Clarkson, 36-Union, 40-Saint Lawrence, 41-RPI, 45-Colgate, 53-Princeton, 59-Brown, 60-Dartmouth, 61-Yale.

                  United States College Hockey Organization (USCHO):
                  7-Quinnipiac, 8-Harvard,
                  27-Cornell, 34-Clarkson, 35-Union, 40-Saint Lawrence, 43-RPI, 45-Colgate, 53-Princeton, 59-Brown, 60-Dartmouth, 61-Yale.

                  By the way, this weekend's 'Gate opponent/host, Niagara University, is PWR #29 (USCHO) or PWR #31 (CHN). Either way, the Atlantic Hockey program is ranked higher than Colgate. Last night, I went to Lynah Rink and saw Cornell narrowly defeat Atlantic Hockey's Sacred Heart, 2-1.


                  • This is not your typical Niagara team, they are much better than usual. Heads are at 3:30.
                    It all starts with the goaltending.


                    • By 3:30 today we should have a 4-0 lead on England in the World Cup, so you WC fans won't miss much of the 'Gate-Niagara game.....heh-heh..
                      COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                      • Carter Gylander led Colgate out onto the ice for this afternoon’s pre-game warm-up. Chad Veltri in net for Niagara.

                        Niagara scored first when Gylander was screened.

                        Anderson from DiPaolo and Mitton ties it up. Beautiful goal.

                        Niagara 10, Colgate 4, SOG after one.
                        Colgate 1, Niagara 1, score after one.

                        For whatever reason, players on both teams are falling a lot today. Carter Gylander fell as a Niagara player with the puck was bearing down on him. We lucked out there. We are getting beat to the puck in our own end, which is disconcerting. We need to tighten up.

                        Ben Raymond with a beautifully set-up goal from Reid Irwin and Ryan McGuire gives ‘Gate a 2-1 lead.

                        Niagara returns the favor with the tying goal as Gylander was screened again.

                        Colgate with a penalty and, in honor of the World Cup, Niagara took a penalty on the play for Embellishment.

                        Niagara 21, Colgate 15, SOG after two.
                        Colgate 2, Niagara 2, score after two.

                        We are getting in the habit now of taking stoopid penalties while on the man advantage.

                        Carter Gylander got beat one-on-one as Niagara was on the PP. Goal is under review. No goal.

                        Well, minutes later, Gylander got sniped by Niagara’s Ott, who is having a great game.

                        One minute left. Empty net. We’ll see…

                        Niagara 26, Colgate 19, final SOG.
                        Niagara 3, Colgate 2, final score.
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                        • This was a game we should have won and a team we should have beaten from a conference we shouldn’t lose to. Outshot and gave up a late goal to add to our predictable losing record.
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                          • Not necesarily. Niagara is way ahead of us in the PWR.
                            COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                            • If you don’t think we should’ve won last night take a look at DV’s post game comments. Toughest I’ve heard in years. Let’s not get overly hung up on the Pairwise. They got there by beating UN-Omaha twice on away ice in early October


                              • Andrew Takacs led Colgate onto the ice today for the pre-game warm-up. Chad Veltri did the same (again) for Niagara.

                                Colgate 10, Niagara 9, SOG after one.
                                Colgate 0, Niagara 0, score after one.

                                With two men in the penalty box, Colgate allows a PP goal.
                                Shortly afterwards, Sebastian Tamburro scored Colgate’s first goal at even strength.
                                And Niagara answers immediately with their second goal.
                                Late period PP nets the tying goal for Colgate (from Matt Verboon).

                                Colgate 22, Niagara 16, SOG after two.
                                Colgate 2, Niagara 2, score after two.

                                Colgate 45, Niagara 20, SOG after regulation.
                                Colgate 2, Niagara 2, score after regulation.

                                Niagara wins in OT.

                                Colgate 48, Niagara 21, SOG final.
                                Niagara 3, Colgate 2, score final.

                                Call me madcap, but I am hung up on numbers, not words…
                                Niagara PWR#29, Colgate PWR#45.
                                Niagara 3, Colgate 2.
                                Niagara 3, Colgate 2.

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