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  • Tom and rest of Colgate fans,

    Was Mitch Benson good for you guys??? He’s been absolute trash for us (BC). Easily the worst goalie we’ve had in 20 years. I realize the team isn’t doing him a ton of favors but pucks literally go right through him.

    I’ll qualify:

    Greg Taylor
    Scott Clemmensen
    Matti Kaltiainen (he sucked too)
    Cory Schneider
    John Muse
    Parker Milner
    Thatcher Demko
    Joseph Woll
    Spencer Knight
    Eric Dop (ehh)
    Mitch Benson


    • Originally posted by Magoo View Post
      It will be beneficial to the 1st round winners as they’ll only have to play 1 game and not 2 or 3.
      I'm late to the dance, but regarding the playoffs I think this is nuts. Teams try all year to make the post-season and then they are eliminated after losing one game?? Sounds bogus to me. I believe they should have 2 out of 3 games to prove themelves. Regarding Magoo's post: yes, it will be nice for 1st round winners since they only have to play 1 game; but think about first round losers. They only have to play one game....and then can go watch roundball or their phones.......
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      • Carter Gylander led ‘Gate on the ice tonight for the pre-game warm-up. Emil Zetterquist led SLU on the ice.

        BruinsFan, that news disappoints me. Mitch is a good guy and, overall, he did well for us. He sat out for quite awhile one season (with a concussion, I believe).

        Halfway through the first, Ethan Manderville scored.
        Colgate killed off 5-on-3 SLU advantage after two tripping calls against ‘Gate.

        Ross Mitton having another strong game, despite owning the first tripping penalty.

        Saint Lawrence 14, Colgate 13, SOG after one.
        Colgate 1, Saint Lawrence 0, score after one.

        Ryan McGuire scored midway through the second (after a lackluster Power Play).

        Matt Verboon scored from Alex Young and Nic Belpedio.

        Colgate 30, Saint Lawrence 19, SOG after two.
        Colgate 3, Saint Lawrence 0, score after two.

        Six minutes to go in the third and Steinmetz scored for Saint Lawrence.

        Colgate’s Alex Young scored an ENG.

        Colgate 37, Saint Lawrence 36, final SOG.
        Colgate 4, Saint Lawrence 1, final score.

        “Good teams split on the road and…”

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        • Originally posted by ColSkate65 View Post
          Teams try all year to make the post-season and then they are eliminated after losing one game??
          Every team in the ECAC makes the post-season.

          First round one-and-done is a travesty, especially if round 2 is still best-of-3. The top 4 that get the bye week will not be seeing worn out teams which is (or was) the perk for getting a bye.

          Not what the league is trying to accomplish with this but it's a really bad decision IMHO.
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          Pass complete. Lipkin has a man in front! Shot... SCORE!!!


          • Originally posted by iowabasedtraveler View Post
            Good teams split on the road and
            … and sweep Yale and Brown at home. If we can’t get a home sweep against those 2 teams next weekend then it’s hopeless.


            • Good win last night, Gylander 37 saves, looks like he's playing very well.
              We have to learn to win friday, we are 0-6 on fridays and 4-1-1 on saturday night.
              It all starts with the goaltending.


              • Carter Gylander did play well this weekend. It’s not that we improved drastically overnight. It’s that Saint Lawrence simply doesn’t have the size, speed, strength nor skill of Clarkson.


                • Dagnabbit I picked us to beat Clarkson and lose to SLU in my pick 'em contest. This based on our history playing in Canton and Potsdam.

                  However, not counting the pandemic-altered 2020-21 season, in years where we DO win at Appleton, it has resulted in notable success later on in the season. Hope this bodes well for 2022-23, as we're currently a riddle wrapped in an enigma.

                  And we got the North Country trip out of the way early this year!
                  Colgate '09


                  • Will note two things...Clarkson took care of Cornell pretty easily and SLU is dealing with a lot of injuries...and, yes, it looks like Gylander has been consistently good this year...finally, Magoo is spot on...time to get six points this weekend over both Brown and excuses...


                    • Agreed. No excuses.
                      Did I miss any news on Arnaud Vachon?


                      • Is he hurt ?
                        It all starts with the goaltending.


                        • Shabby, I don’t know. I didn’t see him on the ice in the North Country. I just wondered if I had missed something about him by not seeing the Quinnipiac and Princeton games.


                          • Sure would be nice to get two wins this weekend !
                            It all starts with the goaltending.


                            • Carter Gylander led the team onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up.
                              Mathieu Caron did the same for Brown.
                              Arnaud Vachon is on the ice tonight.

                              Great charge on net resulted in a Matt Verboon goal from Nic Belpedio and Alex DiPaolo.

                              Colgate 12, Brown 8, SOG after one.
                              Colgate 1, Brown 0, score after one.

                              We had more chances and better chances.
                              And a rare first goal.

                              Two concurrent ‘Gate penalties and Brown scored.

                              Brown with an unassisted goal late in the second. If you back up the tape, you’ll find that ‘Gate gave up the puck in our own end which ultimately resulted in that goal.

                              Colgate 32, Brown 15, SOG rafter two.
                              Brown 2, Colgate 1, score after two.

                              Crazy game. There have been three or four times that Colgate has had apparently easy opportunities to score from up close… and hasn’t. The Brown goalie has played exceptional.

                              Opened the third with 90 seconds of Power Play. Minutes later they took another penalty. Brown successfully killed both. 38-15 SOG.

                              Ben Raymond with a much needed goal halfway through the third.

                              Arnaud Vachon with five-minute penalty and game misconduct with five minutes left in 2-2 game. SOG are 43-15 Colgate.

                              Killed the major penalty. Headed to 3-on-3 OT.

                              Colgate 43, Brown 18, SOG after three.
                              Colgate 2, Brown 2, score after three.

                              Colton Young unassisted in OT!!
                              Colgate 44, Brown 22, final SOG.
                              Colgate 3, Brown 2, final score.
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                              • 90-minutes later, through falling snow and just one deer-sighting…

                                The OT goal, which just trickled over the line, was much-needed. We were clearly the better team, but we ran into a hot goalie by the name of Mathieu Caron.

                                Interestingly, afterwards, Alberta’s Carter Gylander skated the length of the ice to console British Columbia’s Mathieu Caron, who stood on his head at times in facing 44 shots and letting in just three.

                                Colgate is now sixth of 12 in ECAC Hockey, tied with Princeton and RPI with 7 points (but having a game-in-hand on each). And we are just two points shy of Clarkson, Cornell and Union (with a game-in-hand on Union).

                                Separate Subject… Colton Point is now with the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Komets of the ECHL, which is an affiliate of the Edmonton (Alta.) Oilers. He has yet to play an NHL game. Mitch Benson is a graduate transfer with Boston College and his record is 4-4-2.
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