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Colgate 2022-23

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  • Colgate 2022-23

    Season nearly upon us. We have nineteen players returning from last years .500 team. Lot's of optimism stemming from the teams 8-2 finish to the regular season, plus defeating Cornell in Ithaca in the quarterfinals of the ECAC tourney making it to Lake Placid for the first time since 2015. Eight frosh consisting of four forwards, two defensemen, and two goalies will provide some added depth. Picked fifth in the league poll it should be a very competitive team with lot's of upside. Carry on.
    It all starts with the goaltending.

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    It will be intriguing to see how many frosh get significant ice time and how many sophomores take a step forward...fifth looks doable, especially if the goaltending is decent...I just don't think any of the bottom eight are ready to break into the usual Top Four...Go Gate


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      Lake Placid and Tampa are the goals.


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        Wouldn't that be something, to me making Lake Placid is a successful season. Heading to Hamilton today for football homecoming game.
        It all starts with the goaltending.


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          Carter Gylander is in goal for Colgate.
          Jack Watson is in goal for RPI.

          Nick Strom scored for RPI with four minutes to go in the first.

          Colgate 10, RPI 6, SOG after one.
          RPI 1, Colgate 0, after one.

          PPG by Matt Verboon.
          Ryan McGuire scored seconds later.

          Colgate 18, RPI 12, SOG after two.
          Colgate 20, RPI 14, Faceoffs after two.
          Colgate 2, RPI 1, score after two.

          RPI finally scored a PPG.
          Colgate responded with a PPG by Arnaud Vachon.
          Ethan Manderville provided some insurance (hopefully).

          Colgate 27, RPI 22, SOG final.
          Colgate 32, RPI 25, Faceoffs final.
          Colgate 4, RPI 2, score final.
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            Back home in Owego after following up Colgate’s win against RPI in Troy (4 p.m. start) with RIT’s late loss to Union in Schenectady (7 p.m. start).
            Colgate is again doing well on taking face-offs and its Penalty Kill looks good. Arnaud Vachon took his usual penalty (which resulted in a goal-against) but then followed it up with a goal of his own. Simon LaBelle looks like he will be a good addition to the team. And Carter Gylander is still solid in goal.
            It was surprising to me how much more physical the Union-RIT game was than ours, with many penalties handed out (mostly to RIT). The RIT goalie, Tommy Scarfone, looked superb, despite the loss (whereas the Union goalie, notsomuch).


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              Thanks Iowa, no writeup on Gate's site, no box score anywhere ! Tell us more about the game Iowa, please ! Box score up on RPI's thread here.
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              It all starts with the goaltending.


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                Carter Gylander is in goal again today for the exhibition game against Guelph (Ont.).
                Nate McDonald is in goal for Guelph.

                Colgate goal by Colton Young 32 seconds in.
                Guelph scored an unassisted goal just three minutes later.

                Guelph 16, Colgate 13, SOG after one.
                Colgate 1, Guelph 1, score after one.

                Beautiful unassisted goal by Arnaud Vachon one minute into the second period.
                Persistence paid off as Arnaud Vachon got his second goal of the game after the shot initially hit the pipe.
                Ethan Manderville immediately scored a PPG when Guelph had two in the box.

                Colgate 31, Guelph 22, SOG after two.
                Colgate 4, Guelph 1, score after two.

                The game has really gotten chippy and physical, with many penalties called. Guelph is clearly frustrated.
                Colgate goalie change midway with Andrew Takacs now in goal.

                Early in third period, Sebastian Tamburro scored from Simon LaBelle.

                Colgate 43, Guelph 30, final SOG.
                Colgate 5, Guelph 1, final score.

                Nice win. Good weekend. Great for the kids, especially the freshmen. Momentum.
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                  Does anyone know the technical difference between a scrimmage and an exhibition?

                  RPI consistently termed the Saturday match-up with Colgate a ‘scrimmage,’ while Colgate termed it an ‘exhibition’ (until the event happened and then Colgate seemed to agree that it was a ‘scrimmage’).

                  Colgate’s Sunday game against Guelph was termed an ‘exhibition,’ as was RPI’s contest with Toronto.

                  I personally went to both Colgate games this weekend and they appeared to be exactly the same types of events (i.e. - what I always called an ‘exhibition,’ meaning that it doesn’t count in NCAA PWR nor in ECAC standings). Does ‘scrimmage’ just mean an exhibition between in-conference opponents whereas ‘exhibition’ means that they are non-conference foes?

                  - confused in Owego


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                    Iowa - I have no idea what the difference is between a scrimmage and exhibition game. I was able to watch the RPI scrimmage but not the Guelph exhibition game - how did Takacs look in goal?


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                      How was Tamburro's goal, how did he look ?
                      It all starts with the goaltending.


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                        I bought tickets to a game this weekend and got a whole “have to wear a mask and show your vax card” statement in my confirmation email…. Is that really still a thing this season at Colgate???


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                          No, it isn’t.
                          No mask required.
                          No need to show Covid vaccination card.
                          Just bring extra money.
                          Small coffee went from $3 to $4 this year in the concessions. No free refills.


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                            Ok, thank you!


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                              Shabby & CU13,
                              Man, you guys are gonna make me a student of the game, instead of just a fan of the game, with your specific questions! he he he

                              As for Andrew Takacs, I thought he acquitted himself quite well. At one point, likely a penalty kill, it was a shooting gallery with pucks getting to him… and he kept them all out. I think he’ll be just fine.

                              And I don’t remember the specifics of the Sebastian Tamburro goal from Simon LaBelle, but the very fact that they combined for a goal in pre-season tells me that they’ll be a great addition to the team in their first year. Also, Seabass beat a former ECAC Goalie of the Week in Nate McDonald of North Bay, who transferred back to Ontario from that school in Ithaca.

                              I sat next to first-year Gryphon Tanner Wickware, a Guelph goalie who was a healthy scratch (as the team Carrie’s four goalies). He said their coach is being very aggressive in scheduling exhibitions with American teams this year. In a couple of weeks, they will tour Cornell, Dartmouth and Harvard on consecutive nights (Thurs-Fri-Sat). And, as a goalie from Ontario, he was very aware of Colton Point of North Bay.