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Wisconsin Hockey 22-23 Empty Dreams & Empty Seats

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  • MadCityRich
    I'm VERY curious to see how attendance is at the Kwik Trip Peewee tourney in a couple of weeks. Single game tix in good seats are $40 -$55 EACH. The 200 upper level isn't even open, so they can't be expecting much. I hope the end of 2022 brings us bigger and better things; like a new coaching staff.

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  • WiscTJK
    Originally posted by Almington View Post
    So, this is what rock bottom feels like. Why are we getting out the pickaxes and shovels?
    This sure feels allot like 2016 and the end of the Eaves era. Both should have been fired the year before, but were kept on and made to get new assistant(s). They struggled that last year and then were / will be let go after the season. I really like Granato and Oseicki, and they will always be Wisconsin legends, but it is past time to move on.

    Next question is who is the list of candidates? My #1, is no UW ties. Like 7 years ago, my first call would be to Mike Hastings. Take a bag of money and see if he is interested in trying to turn the ship around here. After that I would pick an up an comer from the USHL, young D1 head coach, or even from D3 if it was the right person (like Coghlin). Managing todays young men, NIL, the transfer portal and the potential of added coaches (ie full time goalie coach) make this a really difficult transition, but one that could set UW up for a long time if they find the right staff. One thing that is different, is there is more team talent than there was in 2016, so a quick turnaround could happen.

    I don't see a scenario they let go of Granato now, specifically due to the 3 coach limit they have for hockey. It will be when the season is over. And I believe it will happen as Tony's buyout goes up if they keep him on another year.

    Long winded post to say I agree with you! Good hearing from you Almington.

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  • Almington
    So, this is what rock bottom feels like. Why are we getting out the pickaxes and shovels?

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  • solovsfett
    Originally posted by Punudski View Post
    I checked to see who would be breaking the news that TG is gone, but alas, we are all still left waiting and hoping. I have heard from many that he is a great guy, but it must be obvious to everyone by now that he unfortunately cannot coach. I do not know the advantages/disadvantages of moving on during/after the season but my goodness, it’s over, right? RIGHT?! Please?!
    Tony Granato IS a great guy and will always be Badger royalty. But he’s not succeeding and should be replaced.

    the longer McIntosh waits the more we see he doesn’t give a good damn about hockey whatsoever. It’s reaching a point where I wonder if he wants the team to remain an after thought.

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  • WiscTJK
    I thought I should do a traditional update now that the first half is completed. This weekend got swept by Minnesota (L 1-7 Fri, L 4-6 Sat).

    **Comparisons below are from early Nov after MSU series.**

    Record: 7-11-0 (1-9-0-0 3 pts, 7th in Big7 (n/c))
    USCHO Poll: NR; (NR)
    USA Today Poll: NR; (NR)
    PWR: 33 of 62; (+12)
    RPI: 33 of 62; (+13)
    KRACH: 34 of 62; (-3)
    Scoring: 2.50 GPG (+0.9); (45th of 62) (+14)
    Defense: 3.39 GAPG (-0.19); (T49th of 62) (-5)
    Save %: .889 (-.020); 48th of 62 (-28)
    Power Play Rate: 16.67% (13 of 78) (+5.86%); T45th of 62 (+8)
    Penalty Kill Rate: 78.67% (59 of 75) (+4.31%); 39th of 62 (+13)
    Penalty Min per Game: 12.17 (+.47); 16th of 62 (1st is worst) (-7)
    Penalty Min: 219 (+102); 14th of 62 (1st is worst) (-5)
    Shorthanded Goals Scored; 3 (+2); T9th of 62 (+7)
    Shorthanded Goals Allowed: 2 (+1); T14th of 62 (1st is worst) (-5)
    Team Faceoff: 54.5% (+1.4%) 5th of 62 (+9)

    Next games 12/28 vs Lake Superior State and 12/29 vs TBD at Kwik Trip Holiday Faceoff.

    Analysis - it is FUGLY with some ups and downs, but basically in the bottom half of all NCAA teams in every statistical category that matters (except Faceoff% (thanks Lindy) and Shorthanded Goals Scored. Finish of last in the Big7 seems all buy certain unless they suddenly start winning and Notre Dame / maybe Michigan collapses.

    PS: Last 5 games against Minnesota 0-5, goals scored UW 6, Goofers 30 - 1.2 GPG, 6.0 GAA. Oof is that awful.

    PSS: Since Motzko took over Minnesota ('18-'19 thru this weekend): 19 games, 6-12-1 (.333), goals scored UW 53, Goofers 80 - 2.79 GPG, 4.21 GAA (-1.42 GPG).
    (even the Cole Caufield - Hobey year 20-21 was only 3-2-0 versus Minnesota (lost 6-4 in big7 finals)
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