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  • Originally posted by hydrant View Post

    Neutralzone has BU at 9th in this years recruiting class, but that is because we only have 6 incoming freshman, second lowest is 8 freshman of the teams higher. We have the highest "star average" recruits as NZ has BU's average star rating at 4.21/5 (second highest is MN at 4.14/5). They use the star average and number of recruits to get the ranking. For instance, in 2019 BU had 13 freshman, the most of any school, and were ranked the #1 recruiting class. Even though they weren't all top quality, it still came above other programs since we had more incoming freshmen.

    Other HE programs in front of BU are
    - BC at 4 (9 recruits, 4.08/5 star average)
    - Uconn at 5 (12 recruits, 3.79/5 star average)
    - Umass at 6 (8 recruits, 4.3/5 star average)
    - NU at 8 (10 recruits, 3.8/5 average)

    BU is at 9 (6 recruits, 4.21/5 average)
    Interesting. Maybe I'm biased but it sure seems like average rating should be more important than the number of recruits. Quality over quantity. And the reality is quantity is fully based on what the teams needs are.

    So I will take the fact that are "quality" rating is the highest as a good sign...
    BU Hockey: The trophy case is once again growing


    • Posting this for people who weren't able to make the scarlet and white scrimmage. White came out on top but forget the score.

      White lines




      Scarlet Lines

      (Armstrong and Wilmer swapped after first half)



      Did not play

      Personal Thoughts
      Tried to focus on freshmen

      First White Line - Thought they were best line on the ice the whole game
      Ethan Phillips - Personally thought was best looking player out there. Looked very confident
      Lane Hutson - Unbelievable vision and passing. Couple passes in neutral zone that seemed to propel white forwards quickly
      Quinn Hutson - Really competitive. Got chippy at some point with Phillips. Won't be surprised if he gets a lot of penalties. 83PIMs in 59 games last year
      Jeremy Wilmer - Great passer. Sometimes only looked for the pass and gave up shooting opportunity.
      Devin Kaplan - Big kid that had really nice touch. Size we need
      Ryan Greene - Good two way forward. Seems like a good all around player. Didn't wow me with anything but first true center recruit we've had in a couple years.
      Lachlan Getz - Seems like a solid defenseman. Did his job. Got tangled up with Stevens at one point. Nothing really stood out with him, but that's usually a good thing with defenseman. Hopefully, he can play in the lineup and be a good four year player. Never seen him play before so don't have too much info on him.
      Brian Carrabes - I thought Carrabes looked good. Sometimes last year he didn't find the lineup, but looked good in viewings. Scored a couple goals in the game. One of a nice pass from Amonte and Zabaneh.

      Overall, going to be interesting to see what the lineup will be like on Oct 1. Defenseman wise, going to be interesting to see who gets that 6th spot between Copeland, Jarman, and Getz. Forward wise, Armstrong, Wilmer, Q.Hutson, Carrabes, Zabaneh are ones I wouldn't be surprised to see in the lineup or not. 3 of those 5 will likely be in lineup if we're looking at 12 forwards (personally I would like Hutson, Wilmer, Carrabes because I think they can produce more offensively). We'll see if Pandolfo wants to go with older players, or let the freshmen play.
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      • ^ Thanks for sharing. Any idea why the four didn't dress? Hoping we can get off to a healthy start.


        • Injuries, but I don't think any of them were serious or will prevent them from being there the start of the season.


          • Originally posted by Scarlet View Post
            Injuries, but I don't think any of them were serious or will prevent them from being there the start of the season.
            Both Tuch (Montreal) and Skoog (Vegas) were injured at NHL development camp. No details. Fensore said he had a minor leg issue.
            More observations from the scrimmage and post-game gathering on The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog. Thanks to Scarlet for the photos!
            The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog


            • Originally posted by Rogie21 View Post
              Mark Divver on Twitter

              BU coach Jay Pandolfo on team identity he's looking for:
              “I want it to be back to when I played at BU. We always had talent and skill, but we always competed really hard and were hard to play against ... That’s the biggest thing, to be hard to play against every single night"
              I said to Coach Pandolfo that I remember when he was playing and I was a freshman, and if you got to the game 3 minutes late, it was already 1-0, and they were putting up 6, 7 goals a night, and he said the same thing, "We're trying to get back to that."


              • 12th on national preseason poll. Hockey East teams in front are NU at 8, Umass at 10. Highest ranked team that finished unraked. Cornell is only other team that finished unranked last year that is on the poll sitting at 19.


                • Looks like it's time to move on to a new thread for the 22-23 season. I've got an idea for the name of it. Anybody got ideas?


                  • A new thread is here for the '22-'23 season: