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  • Originally posted by After the Whistle View Post
    Seacaptim, Jackson would be an excellent fit for you guys. He is one of the reasons we play you well. He is quick, has great hands, responsible defensively and with a better supporting cast he will be a bigger scorer. He will come closer to the 35/40 point level.
    Thank you. BC needs to return to these quicker type players who can ignite scoring. We have some promising freshmen like Gauthier, Jellvik, and Gasseau coming, and Jackson would be excellent veteran to complement a line. Hope York is talking with him.


    • Originally posted by J.D. View Post
      One game, one goal.
      That was a very cool moment. Heckuva snipe too.
      The ORIGINAL Cross Check

      Frozen Four appearances since 98'
      BC - 12
      BU - 2

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      • Feel good story of the week, undrafted local kid, plays 4 years at BC, captains two teams, makes the Olympics, now playing for the Bruins and scores a goal in first game. Looks like his skates didn't touch the ice. Doesn't get any better than this. Good for him.


        • BC lands Norte Dame transfer Cam Burke F/C. Senior coming off his most productive season 8 goals/11 assists in 38 games. 5’9” 170 Boxborough native. Injured his Jr. season. Seems to notch timely goals.


          • Seems like a 3rd line depth piece which you can always use. Probably similar to a Carreau I would think. With a little more offensive upside.


            • The ESPN that mookie just saw reads Zion Johnson is going to the stillers.

              this dude any good? Worth it here?
              a legend and an out of work bum look a lot alike, daddy.


              • Played multiple positions and seems to be very little bust factor with him. I'd say end of first round is right. Might be a tad high for Steelers but I am no expert.


                • York retiring.

                  The preceding post may contain trigger words and is not safe-space approved. <-- Virtue signaling.

                  North Dakota Hockey:


                  • This is the right move for York and BC. It was time.

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                    • Originally posted by The Sicatoka View Post
                      Wow! Huge.

                      BU and BC coachless at the same time. (Dogs and cats, living together.)
                      It Happened!!!!


                      • Congratulations Coach York! This Bowling Green fan appreciates the 15 years spent as a Falcon. BG's 1984 National Title is still my favorite sports moment.


                        • [stick taps] for one hell of a career

                          What could’ve been lost in all my excitement from the ‘06 championship game, but I’m glad I noticed, was a gesture from Coach York.

                          As UW was celebrating, the BC players started shuffling off the ice. York got to them, and had them all come back to the ice to the corner to give a stick salute to the BC fan section.

                          Plenty of great moments for BC in the middle of a lot of excellent seasons from 01-16, and I’m sure BC fans enjoy the titles a lot more. But I liked getting the measure of a great coach in that little moment.
                          If you want to be a BADGER, just come along with me

                          BRING BACK PAT RICHTER!!!

                          At his graduation ceremony from the U of Minnesota, my cousin got a keychain. When asked what UW gave her for graduation, my sister said, "A degree from a University that matters."

                          Canned music is a pathetic waste of your time.


                          • hearing jrrrry “retired” ala Tom Brady and wants to go coach the terriors and return them to glory like he cleaned up bc in the mid 90s
                            a legend and an out of work bum look a lot alike, daddy.


                            • Originally posted by QUAlum2004 View Post
                              This is the right move for York and BC. It was time.
                              Barring a staff shakeup, I agree. Selfishly, disappointed to find out after the season without a proper send-off but that just epitomizes who he is. He changed the profile of BC hockey forever and is the greatest coach in BC athletics history. I hope he stays connected with the program and leads the charge for a new rink.


                              • Conte Forum is fine. If Princeton can skate at 100-year-old Baker Rink, BC is OK where it is. Need to start winning consistently again.
                                "No matter where you go, there you are"