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    A win against Western Mich would be a real barometer. Cherish undefeated for a week ! I may have to dodge the deer next Friday night !

    Ten of the next twelve games are home.
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    It all starts with the goaltending.


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      I see people here saying that we are relying too much on the goalies and it isn’t sustainable. I do think that in the 3rd periods the other teams are putting more pressure on us than we are but I think that is a result of being ahead. When you put an animal in corner they are going to fight, it’s instinct and that is what we have done over the first three games.

      And I think our team has not panicked under the pressure of the other teams. I think over the first 3 games in the third there have been 2-3 chances by the opponents where you say, that shoulda been in the net.

      I am also one of those that says, enjoy the 3-0 start, doesn’t matter who we played or how we played we got the job done and in recent history we would have found a way to lose those games and start 0-3. ENJOY THE WINS


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        Game #2 against Vermont...take the win and move on...thanks Mr. Farrier...more disjointed than Friday night and we've got to be better (less "trying not to lose") with a lead in the third period...good to see first-year kids getting important minutes...even PK looks more aggressive than in the past...but being outshot something like 38-9 in combined third periods has to let's see if some of our "snowflakes" will actually show up and support this team next weekend...for us to go anywhere this season we've got to get going on home ice...


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          Coat, are you coming ? Maybe you and Teacherbill can sit together.
          It all starts with the goaltending.


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            what if Teacherbill and TheGreenCoat are the same person? what an awful thought...TheCoat has actually struck a somewhat optimistic tone this year, in part due to some comments from a couple of hockey people for whom I have a great deal of respect. The speed and skill level of this team is higher than in past years, perhaps not where we eventually want to be, but going in the right direction...and depth (and competition for playing time) is good on both the front and back ends of the ice...I will warn everyone when I can get back to the Class of 1965 of my goals before I go to a better place is to meet Iowa Based Traveler, who makes my passion for MIH look pale in comparison...


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              From College Hockey News...


              Head Coach: Don Vaughan (29th year)
              2020-21 Record: 6-11-5 (5-9-4)

              Changes: Like Clarkson, the changes to Colgate are minimal because of players opting to stay a fifth year. The only major losses are to its top two defensmen, Nick Austin and Trevor Cosgrove. Other than that, the Raiders return their top eight scorers, their sophomore goalie Carter Gylander and a good mix of experience.

              "Like everyone, the fifth-year and transfer rules have made it a different landscape," Vaughan said. "We were fortunate we were able to bring back our two captains and to have those two guys back is great. It is hard to know exactly what each team was going to bring to the table."

              Strength: Offense has been a big issue for Don Vaughan over the past half decade or so, but this year the Raiders should be able to score a ton of goals. With talents such as Josh McKechney, the Young brothers and Matt Verboon all returning there is a nucleus of guys that have proven themselves in the past as scorers. Whether or not this comes to fruition is always a question mark, but the talent is certainly there, and the team looked good in the opening weekend against Vermont.

              Weakness: With the loss of its top two defensemen, the Raiders will have to prove that it can keep pucks out of the net and produce from the backend. Both Austin and Cosgrove were good at moving the puck over the years, but now a new crop will have to step up. Pierson Brandon will probably be asked to be the puck-moving guy from the blueline, as his 10 assists last season was best on the team. Nick Anderson also played a ton last year, but other than that Vaughan will have an almost new D-corps, which is not always a recipe for success.

              Outlook: Colgate probably should have more expectations than normal. It has a good blend of experience and guys that have skill. With the guys returning, there is no reason that Colgate couldn't challenge for an ECAC bye this year.

              Carter Gylander was probably underrated in net last season. He had a few bad games in a short season that skewed the numbers a tad. He proved to be a capable goalie that could certainly win games. Of course, the defense still holds some question marks but that could all play out well, as it should have the forwards to play a five-man game to help

              "Last year was a great year for us, just from a development standpoint," Vaughan said. "We were really young last year and we were forced to put some guys into situations, where in other years they might not have been. From a development standpoint, it was incredible because we played Clarkson and Quinnipiac a combined 14 times. Every night was a battle for us, but we certainly grew a lot."

              Prediction: 4th


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                GreenCoat, thanks for the kind words. Remind me... where do you live?

                As a side note, it is October 12th and I have already gone to all three Colgate MIH road wins, LIU at Penn State MIH game, and I surprised myself by going to the Colgate WIH win against Vermont on Saturday afternoon (with friend Clarkson Doug). I will go to all six upcoming 'Gate home games in October, plus Canisius at Clarkson one week from today. However, I will miss the Dartmouth/Harvard road games in early November in favor of a quick trip to Memphis, Tenn., to salute a mentor of mine.


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                  Very much looking forward to seeing my first live hockey of the season in Hamilton this weekend. I'll be in town visiting friends and hockey is on the agenda! I'm also scheming to return for the ASU series.
                  ""Ralph is the Chuck Norris of this board. Ralph doesnt sleep he just waits." - fishcore12


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                    Looking forward to seeing the new recruits, tv tonight and live tomorrow.
                    It all starts with the goaltending.


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                      TheCoat resides in an undisclosed location, but for my homies here it is Wilton, CT...I will warn any and all when I travel to The Class of '65 Arena...hoping for a decent crowd tonight...again, we've got to make home ice somewhat of an advantage this year...


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                        GreenCoat, thanks. Since being back East, I have driven by several times (including recently on my way back home from Seekonk, Mass.). I struggle to get through greater Danbury without being caught up in a major traffic jam.

                        Am I excited about being back at the Class of ‘65 Arena? It’s 3:15 p.m. and I am in the parking lot with the proper tags hanging from my rear view mirror. And that was after a visit to the bookstore to splurge a little on myself. he he he

                        I will be in section 9, top row, seat 9, all season if anyone wants to meet. Go ‘Gate!

                        From LTsatch...

                        Yale finally announced the attendance for winter sports, Ingalls Rink is as follows. Yale Athletics Winter Sports, Ingalls Rink, and Men's Hockey Policies:
                        The winter sports indoor policy requires all fans to provide proof of vaccination and matching ID prior to entry at each game. Please plan accordingly, as lines will form at venue entry. Youth 11 and under are not permitted. Face masks are required at all times and there will be no concessions or outside food permitted. Seating capacity is limited to 75%. Due to this policy, Men's Hockey ticket options are limited to season tickets only. Mini plans, single-game tickets, and standing room only tickets will not be offered for the 2021-22 season. The gameday box office will be open for service only, no sales.
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                          Yes IBT traffic is an issue around here, especially on the Merritt Parkway (Route 15) going northward on Fridays...wish they would start to play BOTH national anthems again, but doubt it will happen...


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                            Carter Gylander in goal for Colgate.
                            6’8” Hugo Ollas from Sweden in goal for Merrimack.

                            Colgate 11, Merrimack 8, SOG after one.
                            Colgate 0, Merrimack 0, score after one.

                            5 on 3 for one minute by Colgate with no result. Several opportunities, just couldn’t put it in. We’re playing’em tough, though.

                            Tommy Bergsland scores midway through second. Beautiful screened shot.

                            Shortly thereafter, Merrimack tied it up.

                            Colgate 21, Merrimack 16, SOG after two.
                            Colgate 1, Merrimack 1, score after two.

                            PP late in period resulted in ping off the Merrimack pipes. Good hockey game.

                            Colgate 29, Merrimack 19, SOG after three.
                            Colgate 1, Merrimack 1, score after three.

                            Headed to 3-on-3 OT for five minutes.
                            Sudden death.

                            Colton Young with GWG in OT!!
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                              We won again.
                              At home.
                              And outshot our opponent?

                              I’ll take it.


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                                How was the attendance Iowa?