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  • re: IBT's run through (above)...note that fully 2/3 of the ECAC teams are ranked in the bottom third of the Pairwise...and, of course, the four teams above this rather miserable graphic are Q-Pac, Cornell, Clarkson and Harvard...not a surprise...let's make Q-Pac work tonight...don't expect a win, but a tight, hard fought game is a reasonable expectation...I continue to believe that this team has underachieved year-to-date and a turn around (and soon) is necessary to finish the season...5-1 is now 8-12-1...stop the bleeding...


    • GreenCoat, you are a fountain of hope today. I looked at tonight’s Quinnipiac game and thought…
      a) they are PWRanked the same as Western Michigan (and we remember how that went), and
      b) just this week, Quinnipiac dismantled Princeton 9-0, and Princeton is PWRanked not far behind Colgate. I watched the game until it was 4-0, as I got tired of the announcer screaming “And he scared!! He scared!!”
      Let’s hope tonight’s game is closer than I was thinking it would be. And with no concessions in the Arena, including the Sullivan Suite, there will be no alcohol available to ease the pain of a bloodletting.


      • Carter Gylander led Colgate onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up.
        But, Mitch Benson took the position at the start of the game, with Andrew Farrier backing him up (and Carter Gylander).

        Within the first minute, a deflected puck goes in for Quinnipiac.

        3:30 to go in the first and a mad scramble in front of the Colgate net resulted in another Quinnipiac goal.

        Seconds later Manderville scored a beautiful goal for Colgate.

        Colgate 8, Quinnipiac 6, SOG after one.
        Quinnipiac 2, Colgate 1, score after one.

        Colgate 17, Quinnipiac 14, SOG after two.
        Quinnipiac 2, Colgate 1, score after two.

        Halfway through third, Quinnipiac scored again to make it 3-1.

        Teamwork netted Quinnipiac a fourth goal with under five minutes to play.

        Fifth Quinnipiac goal was an ENG.

        25 seconds left to play; 5-minute Colgate penalty and 2-minute QU penalty.

        Quinnipiac 26, Colgate 19, final SOG.
        Quinnipiac 5, Colgate 1, final score.

        Sometimes you lose just because you aren’t as skilled as the winning team.
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        • We had the better of the play


          • Originally posted by red133883 View Post
            we had the better of the play


            • It’s sad, but at this point I’m having a hard time caring. The same fruitless story every year. Let’s be honest, it’s not going to change. Kudos to the kids for playing hard, but our program has settled into the muck at the bottom.


              • Originally posted by ICECAT1811 View Post

                If you watched the first 40 minutes Colgate had the better of the play even outshooting QU in the second when they had 2 powerplays. When QU scored the third goal the air was let out and the legs gave in


                • Originally posted by red133883 View Post
                  When QU scored the third goal the air was let out and the legs gave in
                  Respectfully, Quinnipiac owned the third and your legs gave out long before the 3rd goal.

                  I was impressed by the fight 'Gate showed through 2 periods, but our strength is our conditioning which usually wears teams down by the third. That was evident again tonight.
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                  Pass complete. Lipkin has a man in front! Shot... SCORE!!!


                  • Home safe-n-sound and still wound up…

                    I never felt Colgate was going to win tonight.
                    Even in the second period, when we out-shot Quinnipiac, I felt that the best we were going to do was lose a close game.
                    But, like the Quinnipiac win at LIU that I witnessed in-person on that fateful night of December 10, they just slowly and methodically strangle you in the third period.

                    Since my beloved Colgate and Omaha teams both lost 5-1 tonight (to Quinnipiac and Duluth, respectively), the only saving Grace was that my most disliked teams, Cornell, North Dakota and Michigan, all lost BIG games tonight (to Princeton, Western Michigan and Minnesota, respectively).

                    Tomorrow is another day on the emotional roller-coaster that is college (read that ‘Colgate’) hockey.


                    • With the sad passing of both Meatloaf AND Clark Gillies yesterday it seems almost anticlimactic or even trivial to discuss the Q-Pac loss...Red183883, play may have been even over two periods, but in the third period (Coach Pecknold probably had some choice words for his teams after period #2) we were overmatched and overwhelmed...Q-Pac took away all time, all space and dominated for the last 15 minutes...say what you will about Pecknold (not exactly Mr. Rogers) and his program, they are the class of the ECAC and perhaps the entire East...There is an expectation level at Q-Pac that Colgate utterly lacks...3-13-1 in our last 17 games and in a league that is barely above Atlantic Hockey in overall strength...Marmot as usual is correct and sadly many of my compatriots have simply tuned out (can you blame them)...the kids are great student-athletes, but the top of the program - including our AD - seem content preside over the same lackluster results we're endured for a decade and a a final note, the communication from the Maroon Council is far superior and informative than what's left of our Silver Puck Council...we need a major reset: "Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, NOW" (Shawshank Redemption)...NOW!!!!!!!


                      • Is there a Silver Puck Council ? How would anyone know ?
                        It all starts with the goaltending.


                        • Good point Shabby...the other day I received a thank you note from our new football coach, Stan Dakosty, a letter that was informative, thoughtful and a decent length...even the signature is yet I have not received anything from Silver Puck; i.e., the usual robot-signed, two paragraph template sent out year-in and year-out...this difference is hardly a disaster, but IMO is indicative of a much different commitment to being the best program one can be...


                          • Will see tonight...lifetime DV is 12-0-3 (I think) in the regular season against his pupil, Ron Fogarty...on the other hand, since we are now 1-10-1 against Q-Pac in our last dozen HOME games I ventured to look at our last dozen HOME games against Cornell...although many games have been close, we're a sad 2-9-1...combined that's 3-19-2 (16.7%) realistically I would not expect even a 50% mark against the two most consistently successful ECAC programs for the above mentioned time period...but 16.7%?...dismal, really dismal...


                            • Andrew Farrier led the team out on the ice tonight for the pre-game warm-up. Also dressed are Mitch Benson and Will Friend.

                              Pierson Brandon scored an unassisted goal less than three minutes into the game.

                              Colgate had a Power Play and did not have one shot on net.

                              We gave up the puck in our own end resulting in a Princeton PPG.

                              Colgate 9, Princeton 7, SOG after one.
                              Colgate 1, Princeton 1, score after one.

                              We are going to have to play better to win this one. We keep giving the puck away in our own end.

                              Arnaud Vachon scored a beauty from Ross Mitton. SOG are 23-8 Colgate.

                              Colgate 32, Princeton 14, SOG after two.
                              Colgate 2, Princeton 1, score after two.

                              We have had some great opportunities that didn’t even register as a SOG. Of course, Princeton has, too.

                              Within the first 2 minutes of the third period, Princeton hammered one home.

                              Princeton goalie gives up a lot of rebounds.

                              Am seeing how Cornell could lose to this Princeton team last night. Ten minutes to go in the game and we lead SOG, 40-19. And we are tied 2-2.

                              Colgate 40, Princeton 23, SOG after three.
                              Colgate 2, Princeton 2, score after three.

                              Going to five minutes of 3-on-3 OT.

                              No scoring in OT.
                              Colgate 44, Princeton 25, final SOG.
                              Colgate 2, Princeton 2, final score.
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                              • Can someone tell me the benefit of the drop pass when we are on the power play?