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  • When was the last time we didn't allow a goal for the weekend ?
    It all starts with the goaltending.


    • Two impressive and necessary Harvard and Cornell (as usual) you can see the effect of the Ivies poor decision not to play MIH last year...we frankly should be something like 10-5 (and top 15 in Pairwise) but we took care of business on Friday and Saturday and nice to see all four lines contribute...


      • Originally posted by sshablak View Post
        When was the last time we didn't allow a goal for the weekend ?
        October 17-18, 2014. Two home shutouts against Northeastern with Charlie Finn in goal.
        Colgate '09


        • Was one of those games against Northeastern a scoreless tie? I seem to remember Charlie got a shutout but not the win. Maybe it was some other time.


          • Scared of you Rain...and Mysterious Magoo pops in again !
            It all starts with the goaltending.


            • I’m always lurking in the background Shabby.

              Pretty good weekend for Colgate men’s sports. 2 good wins for the hockey team and BB beats Syracuse for the first time in a million years. Nikki Moore must be thrilled. Now if someone can find a way to get more people into the Class of ‘65 Arena. It’s embarrassing how bad the attendance is.


              • Magoo, I looked it up... the Northeastern shut-outs were 3-0 and 3-0.

                Off-topic... I just got back from Norfolk at Reading ECHL game. Dartmouth grad Cam Strong is playing for Reading, as is goalie and fellow college player Hayden Hawkey (who got today’s win).


                • OK - Thanks Iowa. I was too lazy to look it up myself.


                  • Originally posted by sshablak View Post
                    Scared of you Rain...
                    I don't wish to frighten anyone...
                    Colgate '09


                    • lol
                      It all starts with the goaltending.


                      • PairWise Rankings (PWR) for Colgate and 2021-22 opponents out of 59 NCAA D-1 MIH programs (as of 11/25/21)...

                        4-Western Michigan, 8-Quinnipiac,
                        13-Harvard, 15-Clarkson,
                        23-Cornell, 24-Connecticut, 26-Merrimack, 27-RPI,
                        29-Colgate, 30-Northern Michigan, 31-Saint Lawrence, 35-Arizona State, 36-RIT, 42-Princeton, 45-Dartmouth, 49-Union, 52-Brown, 58-Vermont, 59-Yale.

                        This week's Colgate opponent... Connecticut.


                        • Yale #59 in the PWR?? When was the last time we saw that? Oh, how the mighty have fallen....
                          COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                          • It’s still a bit too early to be evaluating the Pairwise, in my opinion. Right now each game outcome can result in a wild swing of the rankings due to the small sample size of games (especially among Ivy teams). I usually first look at the rankings on Christmas, since by then every team has played enough games to give us some sort of indication of where each team stands in terms of NCAA at-large eligibility.

                            However, because the Pairwise evaluates every game we play, every game is important to improving our own ranking.

                            I’ll be making the trip to Hartford this afternoon. It’ll be another Hockey East rink to check off my “rinks visited” list (9 of 11).
                            Colgate '09


                            • Mitch Benson led the team on to the ice today for pre-game warm-up.

                              Shabby, the PWR is the only thing I look at starting October 1. The ‘wild swings’ lessen with each game played. The season is one pie each time I look at PWR. Each game played; the slices get smaller (and the swings lessen). I watched Omaha be ranked PWR number two on January 1 one season... and they missed the NCAA tournament. Only because they couldn’t close games in the second half and couldn’t close the season. Anything can happen.

                              UConn 8, Colgate 0, SOG on goal midway through first.
                              UConn 1, Colgate 0, score midway thru 1.

                              They have us back on our heels.

                              First UConn goal was a wrap-around.
                              Second UConn goal was a defensive miscue right in front of Mitch.

                              Colton Young with the initial shot and Pierson Brandon backhanded the rebound into the net.

                              UConn 12, Colgate 5, SOG after one.
                              UConn 2, Colgate 1, score after one.

                              UConn scored a beautiful goal one minute into the second.
                              PP breakaway and Mitch gave up the rebound and the goal.
                              Mitch gave up a quick shot off a face-off, midway through the game.
                              This has the feel of a blow-out.

                              UConn 25, Colgate 21, SOG after two.
                              UConn 5, Colgate 1, score after two.

                              We came back on shots, but not many were great chances. But their goalie Darion “Big Hands” Hanson has looked good when called upon.

                              Not surprisingly, Carter Gylander has replaced Mitch Benson in net.

                              Late UConn goal against a screened Gylander.

                              UConn 34, Colgate 32, final SOG.
                              UConn 6, Colgate 1, final score.

                              That loss was a total team effort. Offense was lethargic from the drop of the first puck. The defense committed many mistakes and often didn’t communicate with each other. And while Mitch Benson didn’t play that well, Carter Gylander was only a little better.
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                              • Sorry for those of you who witnessed this "performance" in person. Back to .500 it is...for now. The North Country awaits.
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