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  • Carter Gylander led the team out for pre-game warm-ups today, with Andrew Farrier and Mitch Benson also dressed.
    Good seeing you, Gate83, last night, too. Glad you made the trip up.
    Wet, sloppy snow in the Georgetown/Lebanon area today on drive north.
    Lots of parking spaces out there again today. Lots of Mac-n-Cheese, Chicken Fingers, and fresh Veggies-n-Dip in the Sullivan Suite, too. he he he

    Colgate 11, Union 9, SOG after one.
    Colgate 0, Union 0, score after one.

    It is all about expectations. I expected RPI to be much tougher last night and Union to be much easier today. I think we are lucky to come out of that period without being behind. Having said that, I am pleased with how we are making the ‘extra effort’ in many situations (even if just working hard to keep the puck in their end when it appears it will come out). I wish we would quit just slinging the puck out in front of our goal without looking, but until it bites us we’ll likely keep doing it.

    Union’s Hodge scored a PPG fairly early in second period. I rarely question on-ice decisions, but that play looked offside to me (and there was no video replay).

    Colgate 22, Union 18, SOG after two.
    Union 1, Colgate 0, score after two.

    Well, we weren’t so lucky that period. Matt Verboon has a wicked shot from the point on the PP, but he was stopped cold twice. I don’t have a real good feeling about this one, but I just have to have faith in the fact that we have often given up the first goal only to come back and win the game.

    Union goal with two minutes left.
    Union goalie Connor Murphy played very well.

    Colgate 33, Union 25, SOG final.
    Union 2, Colgate 0, score final.
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    • Iowa, I sit near that blue line, it looked odd at the time, but I wasn’t 100% either way.


      • Would have expected RPI to be the nail-biter and Union to be the cakewalk, but not to be. Funny game college hockey.
        COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


        • PairWise Rankings (PWR) for Colgate and 2021-22 opponents out of 59 NCAA D-1 MIH programs (as of 11/18/21)...

          6-Western Michigan, 6-Quinnipiac,
          15-Clarkson, 15-Harvard,
          18-Cornell, 25-Connecticut, 27-Princeton, 28-Merrimack, 32-Saint Lawrence, 33-Northern Michigan, 33-RPI,
          35-Colgate, 36-Arizona State, 42-Dartmouth, 45-RIT, 51-Union, 55-Vermont, 56-Brown, 59-Yale.

          This week's Colgate opponents... Yale and Brown.
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          • Off topic, slightly: got to give a shout out to our neighbors, the Utica Comets (AHL) who have started the season 10-0-0. Going for their 11th straight win on Friday. I believe this might set a new AHL record (Shabby, correct me if I'm wrong).
            COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


            • They are 11-0 to tie the record currently, no team has started 12-0. Tonight they could break the record at home.
              We need to win both games at home this weekend badly.
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              It all starts with the goaltending.


              • Go 'Gate! Beat Yale & Brown! You can do it guys!

                Go Comets, beat the Checkers! Get to 12-0-0!
                COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                • Need to have a minimum of 4 points this weekend. Less than that and it’s a huge disappointment


                  • Carter Gylander led the team onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up.
                    First shot, first goal, by Colton Young in first minute.
                    Alex Young scored.
                    Alex DiPaolo scored.
                    Six shots, three goals.

                    Colgate 11, Yale 3, SOG after one.
                    Colgate 3, Yale 0, score after one.

                    Colgate let up on the gas in that period.
                    Getting chippy in the last minute.

                    Colgate 15, Yale 7, SOG after two.
                    Colgate 3, Yale 0, score after two.

                    Colgate 23, Yale 13, final SOG.
                    Colgate 3, Yale 0, final score.

                    A win is a win.
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                    • Yale does not look good at all


                      • Ninety minutes later (and only one deer crossing)...
                        I was glad to see Carter Gylander get a shutout. Very deserving.
                        After lighting up the lamp in the first period, we definitely took it easy for the last forty minutes. Yale improved some, but not much. While it wasn’t terribly exciting to watch, I will take it.
                        A guy next to me reminded me that not only did the Ivies (and the Albanies) not play last year, but many of their top players transferred to other schools in order to continue playing. A double whammy from which it will take time to recover.
                        Hopefully we will come out equally strong tomorrow night.


                        • Good win, Brown took Cornell to OT last night, not easy tonight !
                          It all starts with the goaltending.


                          • Carter Gylander led the team out onto the ice for tonight’s pre-game warm-up.

                            Off-topic... this afternoon I watched #5 Colgate women out-shoot #7 Quinnipiac, 38-13, and lose 4-0. The QU goalie with the hot hand is a grad transfer from BU.

                            Levi Glasman with a beautiful breakaway goal.
                            Colgate with 10-0 SOG lead midway through first.
                            Griffin Lunn with beautifully set-up PPG.

                            Colgate 18, Brown 3, SOG after one.
                            Colgate 2, Brown 0, score after one.

                            Solid period playing our game.

                            Alex DiPaolo makes it 3-0.
                            Josh McKechney with a PPG.
                            Brown goalie change... 31 out, 33 in.
                            Colgate 26, Brown 3, SOG midway through second.

                            Colgate 31, Brown 5, SOG after two.
                            Colgate 4, Brown 0, score after two.

                            Last night, I thought we took our foot off the gas. Not tonight.

                            Griffin Lunn with a beautiful breakaway goal.
                            Nic Belpedio with a 3-on-1 breakaway goal.

                            Colgate 39, Brown 13, final SOG.
                            Colgate 6, Brown 0, final score.

                            Two shutouts for Carter Gylander this weekend. O looks good, D looks good, keepers look good. It’s been awhile.
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                            • Congrats to the team on the weekend sweep. Keep up the good work. (And kudos to the Utica Comets on their AHL record-setting 12-0 start)
                              COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                              • 90 minutes back home (and only one deer posing on the side of the road)...

                                The realization sets in that these two shutouts weren’t against tournament-quality competition, but sometimes teams ‘play down’ to lower-ranked opponents and we definitely did not do so this weekend.

                                My big take-away tonight is how unselfish our offense is looking. They have confidence in each other to pass the puck around and set up terrific plays.

                                On to Hartford next Saturday afternoon for a one-off non-conference road game against UConn. I am thankful for a winning record again.
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