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CCHA Pick 'EM - Even though it's the Inaugural Season, We're Back Baby!!!

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    Bump. I still don’t see picks from our MacNaughton Cup winner. 3h to puck drop for the second round. Feel free to post them here if need be.


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      The second round is in the books, let's look at how the matches played out. First off, stick taps to gochiefs who did the impossible and collected the maximum 17 points available this round and posted the high score. Probably got 1600 on the SATs too. Impressive, very well done!

      The boring Houghton bracket lived down to everyone's expectations as the higher seeds both advanced. In another lackluster performance, TUPD tied his way to the quarterfinals over potternmu while MTUHuskyGold sent fellow Husky John J. MacInnes to the showers with, you guessed, another tie victory. The quarterfinal match from this bracket will likely be broadcast on The Ocho.

      Moving to the Maknato bracket, gochiefs' 100% score was enough to send the overall #1 seed giwan home for the season. Atanarjuat completed the upsets in this bracket by besting Manurespreader by a 6 point margin. If you thought a 16-25 matchup would be the battle of the Cinderella stories, well, you'd be wrong because the Bemidji bracket has been turned upside down. The 31 seed Scrum Bucket dispatched Deejpuck 12-10 while the 27 seed Hockey John outlasted Icd80 by a score of 12-11.

      Finally, in the Soo bracket, BillyLP tied his way to the quarterfinals over fellow Falcon jpfalcon09 while Bronco Hockey Fan also got the tie win over puckdude40.

      Forms for the quarterfinals and semifinals will be made available at the conclusion of the Sunday games.


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        The quarterfinal and semifinal rounds are now up. Due to the CCHA scheduling the next round as a 1-and-done rather than best-of-3 we will use the Bemidji/Tech game for our quarterfinals and the Northern/Mankato game for our semifinals. I know it's not ideal, but it'll have to do. Fill in both games and bonuses; we'll know who our two finalists are by the end of the evening.

        Same as last week, access to the response summaries and response details will be delayed until all entries have been submitted. Reminder that in all cases a tie goes to the higher seed. Good luck!

        Quarterfinal and semifinal picks


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          Quarterfinal and semifinal picks are in, here are the links.

          View response summaries
          View response details

          Here's how the individual quarterfinal matches line up:
          Seed    Contestant        Pick            Away Goals    Home Goals     Shut Outs
          16      gochiefs          Michigan Tech        2             4             0
          25      Atanarjuat        Bemidji State        4             3             0
           2      TalonsUpPuckDown  Michigan Tech        2             3             0
           7      MTUHuskyGold      Michigan Tech        1             3             0
          31      Hockey John       Michigan Tech        2             3             0
          27      Scrum Bucket      Michigan Tech        2             4             0
          20      BillyLP           Michigan Tech        2             4             0
           5      Bronco Hockey Fan Michigan Tech        2             4             0
          Reminder that semifinal matches will also take place based on the Northern/Mankato game. Check the links to see who picked what for that game.


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            Stick salute to TalonsUpPuckDown for yet another great season. Continuing the tradition of the best pick'em in hockey.


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              With the Beavers upsetting the Huskies in Houghton by a score of 5-2, the following contestants advance to the semifinal round:

              #16 gochiefs: 1
              #25 Atanarjuat: 6

              #2 TalonsUpPuckDown: 2
              #7 MTUHuskyGold: 2

              #31 Scrum Bucket: 1
              #27 Hockey John: 2

              #20 BillyLP: 1
              #5 Bronco Hockey Fan: 1

              The semifinal matches, which will be decided by the Northern Michigan at Minnesota State game, are as follows:

              #27 Hockey John vs. #2 TalonsUpPuckDown
              #25 Atanarjuat vs. #5 Bronco Hockey Fan


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                Originally posted by John J. MacInnes View Post
                Stick salute to TalonsUpPuckDown for yet another great season. Continuing the tradition of the best pick'em in hockey.
                Thank you sir, I enjoy seeing you sign up year after year!


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                  The quarterfinal and semifinal rounds are in the books. To recap the quarterfinals, Atanarjuat gets a round of stick taps for posting the most number of points in the quarterfinals and for sending gochiefs to the showers. This was also the biggest upset of the round. Elsewhere, in a battle of two top 10 seeds, TUPD tied his way into the semis over MTUHuskyGold, while in the battle of the two lowest seeds, Scrum Bucket's Cinderella run came to an end at the hands of Hockey John. In the final bracket, former WCHA Pick 'Em champ Bronco Hockey Fan tied his way to the semi's over BillyLP.

                  In the semifinal round, Atanarjuat shook up the world with a 5-4 upset of Bronco Hockey Fan while TUPD took out fellow AZZer Hockey John.

                  So, after 5,367 picks, it comes down to this - #25 Atanarjuat taking on #2 TUPD. Since I never expected something like this to happen, I wasn't quite prepared to deal with ensuring the integrity of the contest. To alleviate any concerns, I'll post my picks on the BG message board. Once Atanarjuat finishes picking, I'll post everything for all to see and contemplate.

                  Championship picks


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                    I want to point out that as the #25 seed Atanarjuat has had to win outright every match and that by leveraging his #2 seeding TUPD has tied his way through 3-out-of-4 matches.


                    • The stage is set. The final picks are in. As expected, it'll come down to the bonus -- how many goals Bemidji scores and the time of the game winning goal. Nothing to do now except drop the puck!

                                          TalonsUpPuckDown       Atanarjuat
                      Winner               Minnesota State    Minnesota State
                      Goals: Away Team            1                  2
                      Goals: Home Team            4                  4
                      Time of GWG                25                 42


                      • Just wanted to say thank you to Talons for yet another fun Pick 'Em season! Now let's butter up the popcorn for the big dance! Shaping up to be a very exciting tourney the couple weeks!


                        • The CCHA championship is going into overtime and so is the Pick ‘Em contest. It boils down to this: if the Mavericks win, TUPD is the champ. If the Beavers win, Atanarjuat wins. Buckle up, a lot is riding on the next goal!


                          • Oh well, I had a good run. Was really hoping my alma mater would pull it off but, alas. o7 TUPD.


                            • Congratulations to the Minnesota State Mavericks who won the CCHA championship by a final score of 2-1 in the 4th minute of overtime. In a scenario that really wasn't supposed to happen, congratulations go out to the winner of the 2021-22 CCHA Pick 'Em contest, TUPD, who defeated Atanarjuat by a score of 5-4, also in overtime. What a tremendous showing by Atanarjuat whose Cinderella run as the #25 seed comes to an end. Thanks to everyone who played along this year and we'll see everyone in the fall!


                              • Originally posted by atanarjuat View Post
                                Oh well, I had a good run. Was really hoping my alma mater would pull it off but, alas. o7 TUPD.
                                It was a pick 'em championship match for the ages. Well done, and congrats on a great playoff run.