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UNH 2020 Off-Season Thread: That Rinky-Shrinky Thang And Other Lively Banter :D

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  • Originally posted by Chuck Murray View Post
    It's at this time of the year, this time of the D-1 college hockey season, where the downfall of UNH Hockey really hits home. This used to be a great time for traveling to Boston and beyond to see exciting, spirited and highly competitive hockey, along with having a home-town rooting interest. Will the 'Cats make it to Boston? How will they fare at the HE Tourney? Will they be selected for the big tourney, and if so (and not long ago, it usually wasn't an if), where will they be sent, and who will they be facing? Can they win a couple of tough games over a single weekend, and get to the Frozen Four?

    And getting to the FF, 4 out of 6 seasons around the turn of the century ... will they win it this time?

    This all used to be part of being a fan of UNH Hockey. It was great fun, at least while it lasted.

    It began to slowly slip away, piece by piece ... first, the trips to the FF became elusive. OK, but we're close, it takes some luck to get there, just keep qualifying, right? Then, getting to the HE Finals became more and more elusive ... but hey, we still usually qualify for the big tourney, right? And then, trips to Boston became less regular ... and finally, trips to the big tourney got less and less regular, until there were no more trips. Not to Regionals, and nowadays, not even to Boston.

    Hats off to Blue Skies + Infinity for the super fantastic "job" you've done in killing UNH's golden goose.

    Can you at least have the dignity of retiring ASAP before you wreck the rest of UNH Athletics?

    Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency???? ...
    Well Chuck you know my journey began at the last time we were at the Regional in Manchester. Still wonder if we would have won that game v UML if Goumas amd Downing had been in the line up but Connor Hellebucyk (sp) and Co. had other plans.

    Watching the games today and they are talking about the Gophers last trip to the NCAA's in 2003 and I don't have to tell you veterans who they beat...5-1 win over UNH. At least the 'Cats would continue to find their way as you said to at least the Garden or a Regional.

    So maybe we are a Michigan who will finally get back to greatness in the very near future? Laurels are great but as they say, you can't rest on 'em. Takes more than a bunch of complaining about rink size and other things which are nothing more than excuses the average fan can see right through..

    At least there's trips to Ireland.
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    I'm just here for the hockey...


    • Originally posted by HockeyRef View Post
      At least there's trips to Ireland.
      I can go for a golf trip to Ireland any time I want. For D-1 hockey, it's just a gimmick junket.

      I hope someday you get to experience the truly great moments of college hockey excitement, 'Ref. There's nothing quite like it, I still get shivers thinking about Saviano's goal in 2002 and Teplitsky's fluky goal in 2003 on the way to hardware in Boston.

      Getting to the 3rd period tied 1-1 with Minnesota in the 2003 Buffalo FF Finals another one ... lots of great Regional moments, Mowers in Albany in '98 and Haydar in Worcester in '99.

      They all seem just SO far away now, it's sad ...
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      Montreal Expos Forever ...


      • Originally posted by HockeyRef View Post

        Yeah, that Chara thing is not sitting well here either my friend! I mean, I get it he's old, doesn't have the legs for long shifts etc...but given that this year will be again, another less than normal season, let the guy retire in Boston? Predicting with others that my fav Bruin (now that Torey is gone, ugh) Saint Patrice will be named the new C. Well, now the Caps will have 2 beasts: Ovi and Chara.
        Just wanted to point out that Krug and the two beasts ( winners of ONE playoff game between them) are all on the golf course while the Bruins play on. Not surprised, really. Part of me wondered if there might be an addition by subtraction element with a leadership change. That gutless playoff performance last summer was about as feckless of an effort as we've seen in a long time.
        UNH Hockey: From "Why Not Us' to "Woe is Us"