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Friendship Four tourney (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

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  • Friendship Four tourney (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

    Does anyone know if the 2021 Friendship Four tournament in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is still ‘on?’
    I believe Colgate lost to Northeastern in 2019 (when it was ECAC vs. Hockey East), before restrictions from Covid-19 cancelled it in 2020 (when it was scheduled to be Atlantic Hockey vs. ECAC).

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    Pretty sure it's not happening because of the covid uncertainty with international travel and UMass was supposed to be in it. UMass didn't have it on their schedule so I took that as confirmation there's no friendship four this upcoming season.


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      I'm also pretty sure it's a no-go. European reopening is generally behind what it is here in the US and they keep hitting bumps in the road. That being said, I hope the FF is resurrected sooner rather than later. I made the trip in both 2015 and 2019 and had the times of my life. A very well-run and well-attended tournament. That plus the experiences the players get exposed to both on and off the ice are well worth the time and effort, IMO.

      That being said, some political problems surrounding Brexit are starting to emerge that would torpedo the whole thing if it leads to security issues.
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        Like the others have said, probably not. While the EU is (mostly) open to US Travelers, the UK is still closed, or at least was when the schedules were made.
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          You'd have a better chance of holding it in Canad ... nevermind.
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