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  • Originally posted by JohnsonsJerseys View Post
    Those renderings in color looks much better. In fact I would be in favor of outlining as you have in the first example with the full stick done in the outline color as you have in the second example. Then black or white edging (contrasting the jersey body color) around everything.

    I was assuming a single color design, because if you are doing multiple colors like the second example, there is no reason to not bring the tip of the stick blade to the top of the "A". Maybe the proportions would be a little off, but in a one-color design you would lose the visual that it was a hockey stick if they didn't keep it separate.
    I spent some more time (probably too much time but something to think about instead of the season not starting) on this to see how it would look on a jersey. I don't know if they actually plan to color in the stick or not, but overall I think it'll work on a jersey no matter what they decide, even if they do go cheap with one color.