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Yost Arena no more?

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    Originally posted by The Sicatoka View Post
    Michigan could have casually renamed the whole facility "Berenson Ice Arena" and focused on a positive, Red, thus letting Yost disappear with nary a peep. --> "Why? It's for RED!"

    Instead, they are focusing on the ignominious history (and trying to score points with someone for doing so). I'd say Michigan failed on this one, for, as the great and wise sages of Def Leppard once said, "better to burn out than fade away." They could've just let AD Yost fade away quietly; instead, Yost is getting another undeserved run in the sun.
    Crazy concept, I know.
    The preceding post may contain trigger words and is not safe-space approved. <-- Virtue signaling.

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      If UMich wants to be historically accurate on this, they should name it after someone who has been only marginally relevant since hula hoops.


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        Originally posted by burd View Post
        If UMich wants to be historically accurate on this, they should name it after someone who has been only marginally relevant since hula hoops.
        Your jealousy is duly noted.


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          Originally posted by Hockeybuckeye View Post

          Pretty much puts the nail on the head Patman!
          I personally know an employee of the University of Michigan who I am declining to name or say their job but they are nationally recognized as one of the top in their field and who no doubt will receive high accolades and perhaps something named for them when they step down. Now this person is also gay. Let's jump ahead 75 years from now, about the same amount of time Fielding Yost has been gone and society has yet again shifted in their views where once again homosexuality is frowned upon and condemned. What if because this person I mentioned no longer meets the requirements of modern morality in this hypothetical future that it is decided by the high minded that it would be appropriate to strip this person of the honors and recognition the University once thought it was appropriate to bestow upon them?
          Is that in any way appropriate or right to ignore all that they've done for the University and to condemn them because you feel you have a superior morality?
          I say those who attack people from the past who have done no wrong except there's something about them you personally disagree with then you have no morality.
          I've got news for ya bucknut, you can debate the merits of having a building named after someone all you want but it all comes down to money. My assumption is looking for a way to get a large corporate sponsor to finance the upgrades that are necessary. It's all about money. Everyone complaining about "wokeness" is a na?ve trump supporter, this is about money. They're just using the wokeness thing as the vehicle to get there.

          Are you still bitter?


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            Originally posted by GhostOfYost View Post

            Your jealousy is duly noted.
            Speaking truth to mediocrity.


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              I guess Schembechler Arena is now out of the
              What’s with Michigan universities and their penchant for hiring pedophile doctors?