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  • I do hope that the relationship between AA and Houghton can be repaired now.


    • Wow, this saga sure ended oddly, especially when you consider how many years Mel worked at Michigan. Issues aside, he had an enviable record as HC. When he left Tech, I heard some rumblings about recruiting issues that Joe had to clean up. We Tech fans were irritated that Mel ran back to U of M after turning Tech hockey around but in hindsight, it was a blessing. Mel should call it a career and retire...
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      • Adam Wodon's post-vacation take on Michi-gate.

        " ... but — purely from a hockey standpoint — the lying on the COVID contact tracing forms is the worst offense."
        The preceding post may contain trigger words and is not safe-space approved. <-- Virtue signaling.

        North Dakota Hockey:


        • For me it isn't any one thing, but more the pattern of how things were being handled (Shields concerns, the GLI game, Covid forms, etc). Maybe any one of those things you might get a pass, but for whatever reason it became the norm rather than a one-time exception. I still think there is heat on Manuel for his lack of action through this whole disaster. We're still waiting to hear what his excuses will be for not acting sooner when he had all the info months earlier.
          Preserving Michigan Tech's Hockey History

          Originally posted by geezer
          Tech has the best of everything, even the best jersey nerd.
          Originally posted by manurespreader
          ...I really enjoyed listening to Ryan Johnson. He sounded intelligent.


          • written by a graduate from both MTU and UofM...

            "The Tragedy of Mel Pearson"

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