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College Hockey Betting in Las Vegas

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  • College Hockey Betting in Las Vegas

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but thought if anybody would know the answer to this it's this crew. Are there any sports books in Las Vegas that you can bet on individual college games? If not, final season results? Hoping to put down some bets while I'm there but am not finding much information online regarding odds/lines/etc. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
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    Re: College Hockey Betting in Las Vegas

    I’ve only ever seen it on betting sites when it’s the NCAA Tournament but I could be wrong, would be cool if there are regular season lines.


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      Re: College Hockey Betting in Las Vegas

      During the first IceVegas Invitational, the games were listed. I won $14 on a $10 parlay from the Alamo Casino the 2nd day of the tournament.
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        Great, man, I had a similar situation. I have been looking for a good site where you can bet money on sports. But be careful, never bet all your money on one bet. My advice to you, before you start to be interested in betting, read a lot of tips, and better find a person who will help you. At the very beginning, it will be difficult for you, but then you will get used to it and start making money. I hope you will understand this topic and will earn money in the future, good luck with all your bets, my friend
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          I was able to bet on the tournament when I was there a couple years ago. Placed bets at the Linq. Part of the Total Rewards/Caesar’s chain. Probably same sports book at all of those.


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            By the way, have you found a good betting platform for that college games? As I said, I've been looking for a platform where I could bet on every match that I want, and finally I found one on I have discovered that there are a lot of betting platforms on the internet, with different conditions. Some of them can even give some freebies, just to attract some players. I would suggest to be careful with betting and gambling in general. It's not that bad, but only if you control it.
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              Gambling is more of an investment in getting euphoria. Only if you do it professionally and constantly monitor changes in any components is possible and will pay off, but there will be no satisfaction in this case. You need to understand what you want from the casino earnings or emotions. You can combine it, of course, but it takes too much time, or you need great luck Unfortunately, I don't have any chance, and for those who do, I envy them. If there were a casino where you are always in the black, then it would be a paradise for many, some would not believe but the beginning, and then...
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