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ECAC Pick the Standings 2019-2020

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    Re: ECAC Pick the Standings 2019-2020

    Congrats to Puckman (and to RPI Hockey), and thanks, Lugnut!


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      Re: ECAC Pick the Standings 2019-2020

      Originally posted by ColSkate65 View Post
      lugnut, I'm not a math wizard so don't have the foggiest about your "diagrams." But I believe this is the 3rd year out of the last 4 that I've come in last. At least I'm consistent :-( Thanks for doing the contest again!
      It's not that bad! Last year, you finished 39th of 46 (but I took last), 17-18 you tied for 20th of 49 (but I took second from last of real people), 16-17 you took 53rd of 58 (second last for me!), but 15-16 you did chunk it, taking 63rd of 63.
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      GO GO GO YOU RED RED RED!!! and I guess Yale?
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