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Natty Picks for 2019-2020

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  • Natty Picks for 2019-2020

    The NHL draft is done and many rubes are outlining there team picks. All this is good my friends but a Natty clearly does not correlate with such picks.

    I am clearly a homer but I have to say UMD has to be the favorite....

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    Re: Natty Picks for 2019-2020 college
    a legend and an out of work bum look a lot alike, daddy.


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      Re: Natty Picks for 2019-2020

      The fact that LOSING in the SEMIFINALS at the Frozen Four would actually be considered a down year for UMD's senior class.... really says a lot about their collegiate careers. And the program as well.

      If Duluth doesn't three-peat, I'm picking Western Michigan to finally conquer the mountain. We've always been a notable dark horse, but this year I'm feeling some magic. (just like 16-17)


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        Re: Natty Picks for 2019-2020

        University of No Hardware.

        -Old Salty
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          Re: Natty Picks for 2019-2020

          Originally posted by mookie1995 View Post
          Wisconsin should be improved too. They had a lot of young talent last year, if they figure it out and hit with some recruits they could be a sneaky team. BC had a great weekend at the draft. I'm hopeful UMD's experience and returning talent will be enough to hold some of these teams off.
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            Re: Natty Picks for 2019-2020

            My early, real early PICK's for the Frozen 4: North Dakota, Wisconsin, Boston College, UMD


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              Re: Natty Picks for 2019-2020

              Michigan gets #10 in Detroit.
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