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  • Carter Gylander in goal for Colgate.
    Keith Petruzzelli between the pipes for Quinnipiac.

    Ty Smilanic gets the first goal for Quinnipiac, a deflection in front of the 'Gate net.

    Quinnipiac 10, Colgate 5, SOG after one.
    Quinnipiac 1, Colgate 0, score after one.

    Ty Smilanic gets the second goal for Quinnipiac, after a beautiful series of passes.
    Nick Bochen gets the third goal for Quinnipiac, a PPG.

    Quinnipiac 22, Colgate 8, SOG after two.
    Quinnipiac 3, Colgate 0, score after two.

    Am losing interest fast.

    Andrew Farrier in goal for Colgate.

    Quinnipiac 3, Colgate 0, final score.
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    • I thought they played well for moments in the second period. Third not too bad


      • Was it Homer who once said: "Play hard in the first and last minute of each period, or you could get in trouble" Not a good start tonight....
        COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


        • Let the whining begin !
          It all starts with the goaltending.


          • Frankly unless there is a change (and soon) in the running of this program logic would dictate things will stay the same...enough is enough...time to move on and anybody with half a brain would agree with these sentiments...despite DV's class and his contributions to our hockey program we should not hold our program hostage to sentimentality or misplaced loyalty...the real concern should be with the overall progress and health of the program per se...would appear to be a hard decision, but in reality it should be an easy one...


            • Not sure why anyone defends the annual lack of success of this program.

              [Sarcasm]”We need to put the puck in the net, stop giving up early goals, stay out of the box, and improve special teams. I know we’ve had these problems for the last two decades, now have a state-of-the-art facility that our opponents win in more than we do, and have a Coach who has been at the helm with a <.500 win % and 1,000 career games with #NoECACTournamentTitles, but the League is competitive and we’re in every game. These things take time.”
              ~Men’s Ice Hockey Coach Don Vaughan
              C O L G A T E
              1990 NCAA FINALS

              ECAC Pick the Standings Champion, 2008
              ECAC Pick 'Em Champion, 2010 & 2015
              ECAC Pick the Playoffs Champion, 2016


              • When you butt your head against a concrete wall for several hours it's amazing how good it feels when you stop....
                COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                • On ESPN Sportscenters top 10 this am you can see Colgate womens player Schneider dangle around three Clarkson women and then knock the water bottle off roofing a beautiful goal. Will happen again at 9:55 am if you want to watch. Whoever the announcer is says Colgate is his alma mater. I guess it will be on Sportscenter all day.
                  It all starts with the goaltending.


                  • Back to Colgate Men's Ice Hockey... for those that care...
                    Starting times for Saint Lawrence vs. Colgate on ESPN+ are...
                    Thursday, January 21... 5 p.m. Eastern. Saturday, January 23... 6 p.m. Eastern.
                    Sunday, January 24... 4 p.m. Eastern (with 'Chalk Talk' with coach DV at 3:10 p.m. Eastern).
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                    • Not leaving after fifty eight years, I've been a Browns fan since Jimmy Brown. Things can change.
                      It all starts with the goaltending.


                      • Shabby, I go back to 1957 with the Browns and, yes, things are looking up...HOWEVER it took a young, smart and inventive new coach to really change the culture in Cleveland...


                        • Been a Giants fan since the mid-1950s, the days of Charlie Connerly and Y.A. Tittle. Not leaving now, even though we're going through a rough patch :-(
                          COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                          • Carter Gylander in goal for Colgate.
                            Emil Zetterquist in goal for Saint Lawrence.

                            54 seconds into the first period...
                            Colgate’s Levi Glasman scored after another face-off win.

                            4 minutes in...
                            Colgate’s Trevor Cosgrove scored a beauty.

                            12 minutes in...
                            Saint Lawrence scored.

                            16 minutes in...
                            Trevor Cosgrove scored Colgate’s third goal. Originally waived off by the officials, Colgate asked for a video review... and it was a good goal (no goaltender interference).

                            Last minute...
                            Saint Lawrence won the draw and scored.

                            Colgate 3, Saint Lawrence 2, score after one.

                            Apparently Face-Offs Won in first period...
                            Colgate 18, Saint Lawrence 3.

                            Saint Lawrence scored 6.5 minutes into the second period. Beautiful goal as SLU player came off the bench and got in behind our defense.

                            Colgate 3, Saint Lawrence 3, score after two.

                            Colgate 3, Saint Lawrence 3, score after three. Headed to 3-on-3 OT.

                            Griffin Lunn scores!! 4-3 win.

                            Colgate 31, Saint Lawrence 21, final SOG.
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                            • deserved the win after a great third period and ot...where's that forecheck been over the last few years? Cosgrove played an outstanding game...Griffin Lunn also very good...keep rolling four lines and pressure, pressure, pressure...


                              • Nice deserved win, Cosgrove taking team on his shoulders, Lunn and Glasman stepping it up !
                                It all starts with the goaltending.