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    Game cancelled:


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      Dang! I went to log-in and it was no longer listed on FloHockey (so I am watching Quinnipiac-AIC game). Better safe than sorry, though.
      Thanks for the confirmation.


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        How did Q-Pac look, I see they swept AIC who was #4 in the PWR.
        It all starts with the goaltending.


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          Quinnipiac looked good.
          I don’t really know their players, but Tufto is a real play-maker. And Petruzelli in goal is very strong. They have another great goal-scorer, too, though his name escapes me.
          I watched Clarkson lose to RIT and to Niagara early on, and they aren’t as strong as they were in recent years. It could be a fun mini-conference season amongst the top three teams in the league.


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            Thanks, we're on ESPN+ tomorrow at 4:00 I think.
            It all starts with the goaltending.


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              RIT tomorrow, I think...home game.
              COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


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                Andrew Farrier in goal for Colgate today.
                Logan Drackett in goal for RIT.

                Paul McAvoy scores a beautiful goal at 9:47 of the first (from Griffin Lunn and Arnaud Vachon).
                Paul McAvoy scores a second one after being left alone in front of the RIT net at 11:21. From Arnaud Vachon and Pierson Brandon.
                Beautiful 2-on-none opportunity, short-handed, for Colgate and Drackett made the save.
                Jake Joffe scores for RIT at 16:08 of the first.
                Elijah Gonsalves scores for RIT at 18:54. Power Play Goal.

                Colgate 10, RIT 10, SOG after one.
                Colgate 2, RIT 2, score after one.

                John McGraw is the real Star Man of college hockey announcing.

                Carter Gylander in goal for Colgate for the second period (and, ultimately, the third period).
                RIT's Elijah Gonsalves scores a beautiful goal at 8:58 of the second after Anthony Stark gave up the puck at the blue line.
                End of RIT PP, Carter Gylander makes a great save on an already-celebrating RIT player.
                Colgate lucky on a short-handed break-away by RIT.
                Trevor Cosgrove scores a PPG for 'Gate at 16:54 of the second (from Colton Young and Griffin Lunn).

                RIT likely leads in SOG, as Colgate only got 5 more in the second period.
                Colgate 3, RIT 3, score after two.

                Paul McAvoy scores a HAT-TRICK... the third, a SHORT-HANDED goal at 8:37 of the third period.

                Kobe Walker scores for RIT at 17:46 of the third period.

                Colgate 27, RIT 25, SOG after three.
                Colgate 4, RIT 4, after three.
                We are going to 3-on-3 OT.

                Will Friend backing up 'Gate goalies Andrew Farrier and Carter Gylander today.

                RIT will go 4-on-3 in OT as Josh McKechney gets two minutes for goaltender interference.
                Colgate had another 2-on-none chance while short-handed, but Drackett made the save.

                Final SOG: Colgate 31, RIT 29.
                Final score: Colgate 4, RIT 4.
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                  Have given up 8 goals in 2 games
                  Leads tonight of 2-0 and 4-3
                  6 penalties tonight, gave up 1 ppg
                  Scoring more goals than years past but still more of the same
                  We still can’t win at home

                  As for AIC, their strength of schedule does not impress IMO
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                    Is Mitch Benson injured or not in school?


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                      Originally posted by 'Gate Man View Post
                      Is Mitch Benson injured or not in school?
                      This line chart says he's injured:



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                        Not sure the goals against should be much of a surprise. A frosh goalie has 60% of the time in net and the remainder of the work has been shouldered by a sophomore with a half season under his belt. Further, of the 18 D-Man games played so far this year, frosh account for 8 with sophomores providing an additional 4. We are young on defense and this is only game 2. The surprise is the ability to score. We've given up 8 but scored 9 (10 and 10 for the full season) that's an average gig of 4.5 in two games and 3.33 for the season. Lots of work to do but if we can keep up the production, I am fairly confident the defense will round into shape.


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                          3-on-3 story here.
                          I am old school.
                          I believe that the organist should still be in the corner of the rink.
                          I walk out when we go to shoot-outs. Or I turn off the PPV game. Hockey is a team sport.
                          Having said that, Providence headed to Miami (Ohio) to start the season (after their national championship). I lived in Iowa, so I decided that I needed to go and see it. They went to 3-on-3 gimmick OT hockey... and I loved it (surprisingly). Today I watched Northern Michigan defeat Ferris State in 3-on-3 OT hockey and I still love it.


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                            Totally agree with you Iowa - 3x3 is gimmicky but its fun.

                            Aaannd while none of us was paying attention, per Heisenberg, we've had six commitments in the past 2 months - 3 for 2021 and 3 for 2022.

                            Next year's class being supplemented by:

                            Alex Dipaolo - LC -Victoria (BCHL)
                            Nic Belpedio - RD - Waterloo (USHL)
                            Thomas Bergsland - RD - Bismarck (NAHL)

                            Class of 2022 is up to 4 with the adds of:

                            Nick Haas - G - Chicago (USHL)
                            Jared Wright - RW - St. Thomas MN and
                            Noah Laba - RW - Lincoln (USHL)

                            Happy New Year to all


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                              Saint Lawrence hosting Quinnipiac right now on ESPN+. Game tied 2-2 after 3-on-3 OT. SLU came out much stronger than I anticipated.
                              Happy New Year.
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                                2021 can only be better, hang in there, please do the right things, there is definite hope now ! And keep posting, any info is appreciated, to hard to get news during all this !
                                It all starts with the goaltending.