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  • The following anecdote is frankly not that important, but does give some hint about the "commitment" our Silver Puck Council demonstrates to elevating the competitiveness of MIH...every year for the past 40+ years I have donated to the SPC, in varying but (fair to say) generous amounts. For over the past decade I eagerly await - and receive - the exact same "thank you" letter robo-signed by Jerry Quill...even the paper used for the letter is copied...the "thank you" is therefore purely perfunctory and amateurish. One year I gave a very, very generous gift and received THE EXACT SAME THING. Personally I don't really care that much; I'm loyal to a fault and will continue to support the program. Nonetheless, you get an idea of how business is conducted...


    • Carter Gylander in goal for Colgate today.
      Francis Boisvert in goal for Saint Lawrence.

      Saint Lawrence's Justin Paul scores a PPG.
      Matt Verboon scores a PPG goal for 'Gate.

      Saint Lawrence 13, Colgate 10, SOG after one.
      Colgate 1, Saint Lawrence 1, score after one.

      Note to John McGraw... you do a fantastic job, but you may want to drop the line 'there is plenty of hockey to play' as it clearly takes Colgate a full period to score one goal. We need everybody to encourage a sense of urgency. he he he

      Saint Lawrence's Nicholas Trela scores a quick goal off the face-off midway through the second period.

      Saint Lawrence 24, Colgate 17, SOG after two.
      Saint Lawrence 2, Colgate 1, score after two.

      Ethan Manderville scores for Colgate early in the third.
      Josh McKechney to Alex Young for a beautiful goal seconds after their power-play ended.
      Saint Lawrence's Kaden Pickering scores the game-tying goal late in the game.
      Arnaud Vachon scores a great goal with one-minute-and-a-half to go.

      Colgate 4, Saint Lawrence 3, final score.
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      • Game started at four.
        It all starts with the goaltending.


        • Nice win !!
          It all starts with the goaltending.


          • It was a nice win!! In his "Chalk talk" today, Coach said that four players are out for the season, though he didn't name names. I believe they are Liam Watson-Brawn, Mitch Benson, Henry Marshall (I haven't seen these guys play) and perhaps Tyler Jeanson or Jack Hoey (I have seen both of these guys play but not recently). Tough losses. Go 'gate!!


            • It was a very noice three-point win. Obviously, they don't come easy.
              I watched today's pre-game Chalk Talk with coach Don Vaughan, as did the McKechneys, the McAvoys and Jerry Quill amongst others, I believe.
              The goal today was to possess the puck and control the center.
              Who are Colgate's injured players? It sounds like there are four, and not just for one game each.
              For the record, I am hugely supportive of the Colgate Raiders and, especially, our four goalies, although I think that, as a team, we ask too much of each of them.
              Also, in this global pandemic, I am frustrated by the fact that we can't get simple info (i.e. - starting times, up-to-date scores, etc.) from our usual sources.
              Yes, I thought October was too early, too, for our 2021-22 rivalry games with Cornell. I was just quoting the source from eLynah.
              Finally, since we are off for nearly two weeks, I will sign off and we can revert to the Cleveland Browns and Colgate women's ice hockey goss. Carry on.

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              • Except for the period after we went ahead 3-2 (where we, again, played "not to lose") I thought the effort was good...great to see Vachon get three points and rewarded for his play...since we've ended our 6 games against SLU must give credit to their team and new coach...after ALL the BS this historic program has been thought in recent years things are looking up in Canton...and the SLU play-by-play guy is good, almost as good as Mr. McGraw...


                • I tuned in at 7 and missed the entire game. What else is new?
                  COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                  • What are we going to do with you Colskate ?

                    It all starts with the goaltending.


                    • It's been a crazy season, and a crazy bunch of start times. I'll be glad when we get back to a normal schedule next season. I need to wake up and smell the coffee....or maybe a double expresso.
                      COLGATE HOCKEY:"Is this the year?"


                      • Nothing really nw... just trying to have more posts on here than RPI.

                        Colgate at Clarkson tomorrow at 5 p.m. Eastern on ESPN+.


                        • Ethan Haider in goal for Clarkson.
                          Carter Gylander in goal for Colgate.

                          Ethan Manderville got out of the penalty box, was behind the defense, and got a breakaway from Josh McKechney... Goal!!
                          14:43 of the first period.

                          Colgate 6, Clarkson 5, SOG after one.
                          Colgate 1, Clarkson 0, score after one.

                          Can only echo Shabby's prescient words... "Mitton is a banger!"

                          Colgate 1, Clarkson 0, score after two.

                          PPG by Josh McKechney at 11:44 of the third period.

                          Colgate 2, Clarkson 0, final score.

                          Carter Gylander deserves the Shut-Out and the Win!!
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                          • Little too much time in our own end, but overall a good effort...McKechney playing solid hockey at both ends of the ice and Gylander very good...disciplined defensively and took advantage of chances...would be nice to win at home on Saturday and reach .500...


                            • GreenCoat... totally agree. Twice, there were carnival-like shooting galleries on Gylander, which should never be allowed to happen. But, he held up.
                              We were six points out (two full wins) and now we are only three points out (one regulation win).
                              A very good, and much needed, win.


                              • Best game so far for Gylander... and the team overall, I thought. Thanks for the game updates Iowa, I try to watch as many as I can but during this weird schedule your work helps me keep current!