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so..3 weeks to wait?

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  • so..3 weeks to wait?

    Michigan Governor shutting things down for three weeks starting Wednesday. That will certainly change the BiG and WCHA schedules. Numbers not good this weekend in Alaska and our Governor short of making it mandatory to do the same.

    The Alaska Nanooks, unlike the UAA Seawolves, look to OPT IN, for WCHA play. Need to let the league know by Tuesday. OPT IN only means we want to play, but there are no guarantees. UAF has the option to say yes or no...

    The four game set with UAA in December no longer, means a 16 game schedule for the Nooks. Not scheduled to start until January 1st and 2nd at Lake Superior State. So Alaska has a little bit of time for things to get better.

    The state of Michigan has suspended all fall and winter sports, including the high school football season which was in post-season play.

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    Umm are you sure this impacts college sports? I don't think this shutdown would impact Michigan, MSU etc


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      Was just told that college sports good, but NO spectators whatsover...not even family ...from a Michigan State official


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        It's all about the ability to test and get results. Michigan Tech says they will be able to comply, now waiting for word from the rest of the schools. Best guess is that the WCHA already had testing protocols for schools to follow that will put them above the line to reach.

        EDIT - WCHA commissioner confirms that each school has already committed to testing everyone 3 times a week. It's a go.
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