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2020 Regional sites - any predictions?

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    Originally posted by John J. MacInnes View Post
    A Hall of Fame game is an interesting idea.

    The question is who you're trying to attract. An in-season game is easier to plan for the fans of the participating teams (+) but doesn't have the importance appeal of an NCAA tournament game (-).
    Previous Hall of Fame Games should give us an idea of how many fans would travel from the participating schools. Understood that the Vegas game was an anomaly.

    But if you're trying to target the local fans instead, that changes the equation.
    Since we're talking teams from the B1G, Football would have to be taken into account. You'd probably want a weekend when Hawkeye Football was on the road, for example. But yes, you'd be auditioning the local hockey community as well as the facility. Would local fans be curious about college hockey, in a way that their counterparts from Fort Wayne & Toledo were not? I think there's a decent chance the answer to that is yes.

    In any case, a one game audition sounds like a good idea instead of diving in with a three game tournament level commitment to start. Many less requirements on what needs to be provided, including locker room space and ice time (you just knew I would bring that up, right?).
    Oh yeah.

    But I believe they'd be OK on the locker room space. After all, they're planning on multiple tenants. Without checking, my guess is that Volleyball & Youth Hockey would be wrapped up before a D-1 Hockey regional. So presumably the space would there. For the same reason -- lack of competing events -- I've gotta believe the ice time would also be do doable.

    Last & presumably least, it seems almost self-evident that they'd be able to handle a two team event. And again, staging one exhibition game would be a relatively painless way to find out.


    • Re: 2020 Regional sites - any predictions?

      Tangential: Evidently, my “combine Frozen Fours” idea has been discussed and dismissed and tabled for later for exactly the reasons you would expect.
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      • Originally posted by ExileOnDaytonStreet View Post
        Tangential: Evidently, my “combine Frozen Fours” idea has been discussed and dismissed and tabled for later for exactly the reasons you would expect.
        maybe they will consider shorting the DI season so it ends the weekend before the Final Four. Then a combined championship weekend would probably be doable.

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