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Bottom Feeders 2021: Put Em Outside the COVID Bubble

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  • Bottom Feeders 2021: Put Em Outside the COVID Bubble

    For these teams, it's necessary.

    As we all know, the Bottom Feeders tournament runs every year, "highlighting" the worst teams in D-1 hockey. I'm your Adorable Delightful Commish, while FadeToBlack&Gold and John J. MacInnes are my right and left hands respectively. I owe Fade a pot of good coffee and JJM a beer or two for their help with this tournament.

    It'll be a few months before we see any live action, but it doesn't mean we can't talk about it now. Your preliminary Top (Bottom/Switch 5):

    1. UAH. Why did we save this program?
    2. SLU(t). Saints of sucking.
    3. Brown. Just the color of their underpants at this point.
    4. RPI. They missed last year, but as a few of their fans can tell me, they can go in reverse real quick.
    5. UAA. Unless they get a UAH-style "save the program" effort going and it's hella successful, we'll pay tribute to their departure in our own special way.
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