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2020 Collegiate School CT Off-Season - Any New Names Coming to Campus this Fall

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  • 2020 Collegiate School CT Off-Season - Any New Names Coming to Campus this Fall

    With the off-season in full swing, what new names are coming to campus this fall? I haven’t come across an updated page for Collegiate School recruits, does anyone have a list? One name I found online was John Calhoun, but I guess his offer was rescinded because some old "instagram" post came to light that had people on, and off, campus worked up. Also located some unflattering info on another one, but heard that even in the current polarized culture, his transgressions did not rise high enough for the trustees to deem him unfit for the institution. Can anyone confirm what this recruit, Elihu Yale, did that was potentially questionable?

    Could it be that to get in to the university, he had donated money derived from dubious sources against NC$$ rules? Didn’t dig too far, but for a summer job sounds like he might have been employed in sales management at some sort of talent agency (Will Farrell's "Gator" in The Other Guys comes to mind), except he didn't "rent" the talent but sold it outright, or you could say traded it. Must be planning to major in the esteemed Business and Economics program as I heard that to increase sales, he implemented "free shipping" on minimum orders, leading to record monthly sales volumes.

    Why would there be any question about this recruit? Seems a player like Calhoun just talks a good game, but this guy actually delivers. Any reason this would invalidate him from staying on campus? Or should we just move on and have another name on the sweater?

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    On second thought, appears my message was a little too veiled. I thought that knowing Elihu Yale, for whom Collegiate School's name was changed to YALE, actually traded HUMAN BEINGS of a dark complexion would get some conversation started. Seems rather odd to me that a committee was actually formed at BU to explore the potentially confederate based nickname of the MASCOT, but the FACT one of the worlds leading university's was named for a SLAVE TRADER draws little discussion.

    This would be a PERFECT opportunity for some of the Covid Basement Dwellers in the Café Forum to chime in. They seem quite eager to stamp out racism, and stupidity, wherever it roosts. Now is your chance to go to work on the issue!


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      Wow, not a popular topic. I thought that at least the Corona Basement crowd from the Café would be all over this. They seem like the type who are quick to jump on injustices and keeping all of us safe from Chinese flu bugs. Who'd da thunk that with all of their self-described superiority and Mensa brainpower that they, or others, wouldn’t chime in. Poor ole Rhett the "Gone with the Name" puppy at least got some play in the BU thread.

      Maybe if Yale changes their nickname from the slave trading Eli's to something far more sinister, like Fighting Sioux or Braves, the woke fans would make them pay!!


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        I'm sure I'll be attacked unmercifully for my ignorance but try as I might, I just can't understand why the "enlightened" among us insist that we view people who lived in other epochs through the lens of the 21st Century. Unlike the barnyard animals, human beings evolve: physically, socially, ethically, morally, economically, and in countless other ways. Slavery, without question, is a stain that will never wash away but the inconvenient truth is that it was the main source of labor that made economies work going back to the beginnings of recorded history. You could either conquer or be conquered; and if you were unfortunate enough to be among the latter, you were either killed or enslaved. Tough to look at through our 21st Century rose-colored glasses but it's the way things were.

        And, oh by the way, it wasn't the Emancipation Proclamation that finally ended slavery. It was the Industrial Revolution. In the US, the McCormick reaper, the Eli Whitney cotton gin and other such mechanical marvels made slavery obsolete almost overnight.

        Again, we evolve. And before we take down any more statues or strip certain names away from hallowed institutions, let's consider for a minute that if people like Elihu Yale, Peter Faneuil, and so many notables who lived in other eras were alive today, they would no doubt be pursuing lines of work other than those they pursued in their time.
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