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Clarkson & SLU @ RPI & Union (11/2/18 & 11/3/18)

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    Re: Clarkson & SLU @ RPI & Union (11/2/18 & 11/3/18)

    Originally posted by Ralph Baer View Post
    The 4 ECAC schools could each schedule a home and home vs. RIT, but I doubt that RIT would want to.
    No they couldn't; AHC is a 28 game schedule, leaving RIT only 6 NC games.


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      Re: Clarkson & SLU @ RPI & Union (11/2/18 & 11/3/18)

      Originally posted by vizoroo View Post
      Dutchman's Shoes??? Did they play the game in clogs?
      For those who may not be familiar - the winner of each year's football game between RPI and Union is presented with a trophy called the Dutchman's Shoes. It is a fairly large trophy with two wooden shoes on top, one labeled with an R and one with a U. Given that Rensselaer is a Dutch name and Union's teams are known as the Dutchmen, it is understandable that the trophy should have a Dutch theme.

      In recent years, it has become commonplace for the media to refer to the trophy as the Dutchman Shoes or the Dutchmen Shoes, which to my way of thinking doesn't make sense, since a pair of shoes is not a Dutchman, nor is either shoe by itself a Dutchman. Traditionalists from my era continue to refer to the trophy as the Dutchman's Shoes, which is what they always used to be called, and which is logical, considering that one Dutchman could be expected to own two shoes.

      But unless you want to earn the undying enmity of RPI fans, never refer to the trophy as the Dutchmen's Shoes, implying that our rivals from Schenectady have a claim to permanent ownership.