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WCHA Pick 'Em 2017-2018

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  • Re: WCHA Pick 'Em 2017-2018

    One more scenario: Birds of a Feather is in if
    o Northern Michigan wins tonight AND
    o Huntsville wins tonight AND
    o GC SOGs is between 94 and 101

    But there's a little more to the story. If the SOGs are between 94 and 97 then <3_Blizzard is out. SOGs between 98 and 101 then puckdude40 is out.

    I think there are a couple more scenarios that I'm not accounting for but these are the big ones.


    • Re: WCHA Pick 'Em 2017-2018

      After 20 weeks, 6160 games picked, and 11,998 total points awarded it's come down to this. crossjcek was the week 20 winner with 25 points. The Alaska teams fired 134 shots at the opposing goaltender so for the second week in a row there were no bonus points awarded.

      Congratulations to SweeneyHawksHockey for winning the McNaughton Cup. Soulbeaver and mbenecke put up a heck of a fight down the stretch.
      Congratulations to SweeneyHawksHockey for also winning the Mason Cup. Soulbeaver fell .001 percentage points short (the Bemidji OT win was not quite enough).

      <3_Blizzard was able to hold off furious last minute charges by UAFIceAngel, Hockey John, and Birds of a Feather to claim the final playoff spot.

      Congratulations everyone, see you over on the WCHA Pick 'Em Playoff Thread!

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