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large areas or long time to be immersed composite deck

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  • large areas or long time to be immersed composite deck

    the proposed annual wax maintenance two. Before the first floor waxing wipe clean, and then in the surface layer of floor wax evenly, slightly dry with a soft cloth to wipe, until smooth and shiny. 4, if you accidentally flooding in large areas or long time to be immersed in water, such as water retention should be dry with a dry cloth, and let it dry naturally, prohibited the use of electric heater or drying in the sun exposure.

    long exposure to intense sunlight, or room temperature sharp rise and fall, may cause premature aging of wood composite flooring paint, should be avoided as far as possible. 6, the installation of the site, such as temporarily unable to live, to keep the indoor air circulation, can not be covered with plastic paper or newspaper, so as not to long time, surface film sticky, lost luster.

    regular cleaning floors, dust, prevent sand or friction dust accumulation and scraping the surface of the floor. A doormat can be placed outside the door so as not to bring sand or frictional dust into the room. Usually when cleaning the floor can be used dry cotton mop wipe. Cannot use wet mop or corrosive liquids (such as soap water, gasoline wipe the floor). 8, if the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity,
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