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high temperature material should wpc floor

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  • high temperature material should wpc floor

    plastic flooring, cork brick. 4, daily protection: to prevent direct sunlight heat damage should try to avoid the sun for a long time directly to the floor, so as not to be exposed to ultraviolet light after a long period of intense radiation, premature drying and aging. Part.2: to develop a good habit of cork flooring skillfully use cork in addition to the need for maintenance, and its good habits are more important.

    Good use habits, can effectively extend the service life of cork flooring, and make the cork flooring. 1, surface protection: to the door to buy a piece of foot mat suggested at the door of the shop to rub a mat to reduce the sand into the room. If a large number of sand into the room, gravel will flow along with the footsteps of friction and scratched the floor. If you find too much dirt into the sand, should be promptly removed.

    temperature control: avoid high temperature material should not be in direct contact with the higher temperature of the items on the floor directly, the heated transition may burn the surface film, even if does not have the obvious scorch phenomenon, this will greatly reduce the long service life of cork floor.
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