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UMass Lowell Off-Season 2017: Next verse, same as the first

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  • Re: UMass Lowell Off-Season 2017: Next verse, same as the first

    Just wanted to drop by and remind you guys how much you suck... I'll provide more detail as to why that is at a later point, still trying to get my game legs.
    Originally posted by Hokydad
    Maine will be better this year relative to rankings than BC will be this year


    • Re: UMass Lowell Off-Season 2017: Next verse, same as the first

      Originally posted by Patronick View Post
      It's hard to judge performance against a CIS school but it's what we have to go on:

      - Defense moved the puck well and weren't trying to thread every pass 100ft, which was nice to see. There didn't seem to be any glaring defensive lapses from the new guys.
      - Lots of possession, lots of good puck movement. Everyone was quick on their feet.
      - Wall made some nice saves. Can't tell if the first Acadia goal redirected off the Lowell defenseman or if he was just screening Wall, but Wall had no idea where that puck was. Second goal looked like it ramped off the D stick, but again I can't really tell from the video so if anyone had a better view of it please let me know.
      - PP moved the puck well. I'd like to see quicker shots this year; no need for everyone to touch the puck twice before ripping it.
      - Some really nice passing on that first Lowell goal. Bad decision by the Acadia dman on the PK and Lowell made it look easy.
      - Could just be me, but I didn't think Edwardh looked great
      - This team needs a monster year out of 18

      My question about this team remains "are they going to have enough offense to overcome the losses of Smith and Gambardella?" Lowell had a half dozen chances last night that they just couldn't finish on. Wall HAS to better this year to help make up for what I expect to be a drop in scoring. I don't think this team can win 5-4 games, at least not early in the season.
      RE : First Arcadia goal

      Wall never saw the shot or the puck he was being screened by his own man and a couple of Axemen, he had no chance on it
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