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    As part of my BU hockey research I am working on trying to determine good starts and bad starts for every BU goalie. started using Quality Starts and Really Bad Starts, both developed by Rob Vollman, and I’m working to create rough mean save averages for NCAA DI men’s hockey. I’ve been able to find stats for most goalies in all the leagues back to 2001 and for all but CCHA goalies back to 1999. I’ve also been able to create really rough averages up to 1985 using the top 20-30 goalie records reported in The Intercollegiate Hockey Newsletter (TIHN) each season.

    However, starting in 1985 TIHN either omitted the season ending stats for top players, or only gave goals against and not saves for the top goalies. I have all the Hockey East media guides, but I need goalie stats from each of the other leagues to try and put together mean save averages for the 1985-86 through 1998-99 seasons. I would also appreciate CCHA goalie stats for the 1999-2000 and 2000-01 seasons. If anyone has league media guides with the stats for those seasons I would appreciate it if you would send me the goalie information in them. I would prefer the complete stats from the team pages, but any goalie stats would be welcome.

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