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any word on new omaha 2nd assistant coach

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    Re: any word on new omaha 2nd assistant coach

    Originally posted by JohnsonsJerseys View Post
    True, yes it does happen that way, but my point is that it raises questions about where the program is headed and who is really in charge. If the head coach isn't held accountable for the team's performance, what is his motivation to achieve? Why not just have the AD set the roster for the team and cut the players that don't perform if he wants to steer the program.

    I would say the players have a lot more to do with the wins and losses than the assistant coaches, especially when you start the year well and then go in the tank the second half. What UNO did would be like firing the server in the school lunch line because the Salisbury Steak and Pizza Boats taste bad. The ACs are just passing along whatever instruction the HC gives them. If by chance the ACs were drawing up the Xs and Os, and were responsible for the teams poor second half, well then what the heck is Blais doing at UNO?

    Ryan J
    How do I put this delicately? There are some (and I can tell you where to find them) who would suggest that Jutting has some coaching deficiencies. Maybe UNO did this to upgrade their program.