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How to improve the Pairwise

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    Originally posted by Gr8Sk8M8 View Post
    NU beat Harvard and NU won the conference. NU had to travel ~900 miles and play the top seed in the bracket; Harvard, who won nothing, had to travel 40 and was seeded 3rd. Yale didn't get out of their quarterfinals and got rewarded with Albany and a 3rd seed.
    Yeah, it's almost like the regular season and the conference tournament both mean something. Imagine that.

    Powers &8^]


    • Re: How to improve the Pairwise

      Originally posted by Superfly100 View Post
      Building on the top two from each conf tournament, but with a twist...

      Drop from four regionals to two with set conferences in each regional. NCHC, WCHA, and BI6(7) in the West and HE, ECAC, and AHA in the East. Two At-Large selections for each regional. Tournaments held at a central location for each Regional.

      It would take the PWR out of the picture, build on inter-conference rivalries, and stoke the East vs West rivalry.
      Two Eight team regionals? Now find the facility that has dressing rooms and training spaces for 8 teams, practice time, morning skate time and ice time for six games all at reasonable time over a 3 or 4 day window. Now, make sure that barn will have great ice after 8 full practices, 12 pregame skates and six games.
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