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Frozen Four Tickets - Priority Purchase Process

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  • Originally posted by Hoover View Post
    I can view my tickets and see the "moving" barcode, and there is a note stating "For the fastest way in, view and save your tickets to Apple Wallet to beat busy network connections", but there is no option or "button" to tap to move them. I've checked several times over several days and still no way to move them. Any thoughts...

    I've put other tickets into my Apple Wallet I missing something?
    There should be the " Add to Apple Wallet " button under the moving bar code for each ticket.


    • So the woman at NCAA told me I can't transfer my priority tickets until the public sale starts. Has the public sale -- in other words, tickets, not packages -- started yet?


      • Originally posted by steven22 View Post

        There should be the " Add to Apple Wallet " button under the moving bar code for each ticket.

        There should be...but there isn't - just an empty space where the "Add to Apple Wallet" button is supposed to be.


        • Do we have the game times for semifinals? Is it separate admission?


          • Anyone have two tickets for boston for sale?


            • Maybe, send me a message at


              • Tampa 2023. Group B. Was able to get Club seats, $270 each. Lots of good seats left.


                • Originally posted by steven22 View Post
                  Tampa 2023. Group B. Was able to get Club seats, $270 each. Lots of good seats left.
                  Same here - bought Club seats this morning. Seat selection seemed better than past couple of years.


                  • Same here. We had club seats both previous Tampa FF and loved them


                    • Also got club seats. Much better availability than Boston. Now this late guy needs to find a hotel.


                      • Skipping this year.

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                        • so some of the club seats say includes food and drink and are the same price as 200 level seats? Anyone else confused by that?
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                          • Originally posted by steven22 View Post
                            Tampa 2023. Group B. Was able to get Club seats, $270 each. Lots of good seats left.
                            I'm a couple of weeks late to this meeting! But my Group B purchase was made on the first morning our window was open. Was able to buy a set of Lower Bowl seats behind the Visitors' Bench, about half way up. Best Lower Bowl location I've been offered in many years.

                            Last time in Tampa we chose Club Level, and we were very pleased. I'm confident that everyone who's posted so far got a great result.

                            I'm actually concerned that come next April, we might wind up with a crowd that's discouragingly thin. Things worked out well enough last time because a large contingent of North Dakota fans made the trip. So ultimately the participating teams will have a lot to do with the in-arena experience.

                            Speaking to those at the Middle Priority Levels: If there's any realistic chance that you want to attend, you owe it to yourself to log on and see what's available. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


                            • If anyone is looking to sell 4 FF tickets let me know. Family and I are going to be in Tampa that week and hoping to find some tickets. Thanks.


                              • Originally posted by pgb-ohio View Post
                                Re: Frozen Four Tickets - Priority Purchase Process

                                A copy of the e-mail is reproduced in the first post of this thread:
                                (copyright CLS)

                                Though quite honestly the link in Chris Lerch's post (#1 on this thread) contains almost the exact same information.

                                Or, if all else fails, just call the Customer Service Number 866-208-0048. Over the years most have reported good results from this line.

                                To reply to your specific concern: Yes, it would appear they don't have your current e-mail. I'd call Customer Service to update that. Further, I'd do it at your earliest convenience, rather than waiting for the Priority 1 window to open.

                                One last thought: You might want to call on a Tuesday or Thursday. In other words, on days when there's NOT a new window opening. My guess is that the call volume spikes each time a new window opens.

                                Best of luck!
                                I just called this number and the woman said I have to call the venue to find out about my tickets.

                                In the past I was able to email or call NCAA about my account and tickets.

                                This is really frustrating when the event is coming up soon.

                                Are they being printed or emailing them as electronic tickets ????

                                The woman said she was working out of TEXAS

                                Did anyone call the Aemile Venue regarding this ?

                                If anyone can help please post

                                In the past I had priority that was high because I bought almost every year
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