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Cost of Attendance, 2015-2016 season

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    Re: Cost of Attendance, 2015-2016 season

    Originally posted by joecct View Post
    Something just changed. A court decision just came out that affected the CoA. Trying to wade theough it.

    Rick Westhead on twitter is posting excerpts.
    I'm no lawyer, but it sounds like the ruling upholds CoA.

    “Today, we reaffirm that N.C.A.A. regulations are subject to antitrust scrutiny and must be tested in the crucible of the Rule of Reason,” the appeals panel wrote in what is known as the O’Bannon case.
    “In this case,” it added, “the N.C.A.A.’s rules have been more restrictive than necessary to maintain its tradition of amateurism in support of the college sports market. The Rule of Reason requires that the N.C.A.A. permit its schools to provide up to the cost of attendance to their student athletes. It does not require more.”
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      Re: Cost of Attendance, 2015-2016 season

      Originally posted by blackswampboy View Post
      The St. Cloud Times reports ( that St. Cloud State will pay cost of attendance starting in Fall 2016 for men's and women's hockey.
      So a mid-size school with limited revenue sources running a $9.5 million (and presumably growing) deficit has fallen for the fraud that is COA. How do they propose to pay for it? (Maybe close down the Physics Dept?) Another example of the athletic tail wagging the institutional dog!
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