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Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

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  • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

    Sounded like a good game. Feedback is requested from those who actually saw the game.

    God I hate Charter!
    Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

      Good, solid play on all points. Well, outside of shooting, still.

      Passing was very crisp- the poor passes have been really, really cut back. You can tell they are really looking before just dumping the puck.

      Defense was very good too- Ferris didn't really get a chance to form up their offense more than a few seconds. That 5-3 was really, really awesome. Even when Ferris got the puck in tight on the triange, they were not able to get a shot on net. Great teamwork, and that carried for the game.

      Offense played darned good- got a lot of shots on net, still having some issues getting quality locations- some of the open shots ended up in the goalie's chest. But if that's the problem, I can deal with that.

      Darn it Glendening- a few in one way or the other on that EN shot, and you would have had a hat trick! Not bad for a walk on, now wearing an A. On a "team" note- seeing how happy Cappy was when Luke scored says a lot about how this team is sticking together. "team" note 2- how the team reacted to Hogan's second SO in two weeks- again, saying volumes how this team is coming together.

      Lets just hope the final pieces get in place fast enough to make the tournament. OTOH, if it gets that good, making a run to the Joe is realistic.


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        Ferris is a jeckyl and hyde team it seems. Beating them in Big Rapids would be huge. They are a much more aggressive offensive team in their own building and their PP and PK are phenomenal there. Give credit to Nagle, he kept them in it. Hogan was sharp, too.

        I liked how our guys played within themselves last night, but they will have to create more offense to win tonight.

        I also thought that Lancina and McInchak were awful, as were the AR's. No way a 5x3 should have been called on a "holding the stick" when they let go blatant high sticking and tripping (like Moffie was in our end during one of our PP's.). What a joke. Thankfully our guys turned the momentum around with that double kill.

        Climbed up to 16th in PWR now. Win tonight and Michigan would officially be a bubble team heading into MSU weekend.

        Just for grins I did a rundown of the standings if we were on the old format:

        Miami 28
        MSU 26
        FSU 22
        LSSU 20
        Alaska 19
        Michigan 19
        ND 19
        NMU 16
        UNO 16
        OSU 15
        BG 8
        WMU 8

        Gotta love them charity shoot out points.


        • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

          Hey Guys,

          Does anyone have a conact at CBS College Sports? Maybe we could/should all send them an E-Mail/Call them and thank them for showing college hockey and request more games shown for next season?

          What do you guys think?


          • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

            Originally posted by streaker View Post
            I also thought that Lancina and McInchak were awful, as were the AR's. No way a 5x3 should have been called on a "holding the stick" when they let go blatant high sticking and tripping (like Moffie was in our end during one of our PP's.). What a joke. Thankfully our guys turned the momentum around with that double kill.
            See, I thought the first penalty for holding the stick was obvious. I said out loud that it was holding the stick the instant the ref's arm went into the air. The second penalty for tripping was questionable at best. I certainly wouldn't have put a team down 5x3 for that.

            And of all guys to swallow the whistle, I never thought in a million years that McInchak would be the guy to do so. They let a lot of stuff go last night that normally would have been (and should have been) called. Had these two teams been in the mood to do so last night (and thankfully they weren't), the game could very easily have gotten out of hand.
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            God, that was fun...


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              Originally posted by streaker View Post
              Climbed up to 16th in PWR now. Win tonight and Michigan would officially be a bubble team heading into MSU weekend.
              We'd be in if the tourney started today.

              Originally posted by Priceless View Post
              Today's bracketology

              Albany		Worcester		Fort Wayne	St. Paul
              Wisconsin	Bemidji		        Miami		Denver
              UMass		St Cloud		BC		Duluth
              Mich St		UNH		        CC		Ferris State
              Union		UND		        AHA Champ	Michigan
              Wisconsin is slated to have a first-round matchup with North Dakota, but that is fixed easily by switching the Sioux with Union. Michigan is in ahead of Vermont by .0006 in the RPI.

              Last in: UND, Michigan
              Last out: Vermont, Yale


              • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                Originally posted by redwings8831 View Post
                We'd be in if the tourney started today.
                I'm not sure where he gets the RPI difference that puts Michigan in over Vermont, but it doesn't matter anyway. Just win the games that you need to, and everything else will take care of itself. Our tournament hopes will more than likely come right down to the wire, with the CCHA playoffs and games in other conferences factoring heavily.


                • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                  Originally posted by CCHAfan View Post
                  Hey Guys,

                  Does anyone have a conact at CBS College Sports? Maybe we could/should all send them an E-Mail/Call them and thank them for showing college hockey and request more games shown for next season?

                  What do you guys think?
                  It's an idea but count me out as I DON'T GET CBS COLLEGE SPORTS thanks to Charter...
                  Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                  • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                    Tough way to lose last night. You could feel it coming in the few seconds leading up to the goal when we were running around. We didn't play horrible, but we didn't play particularly well either. Hogie was out of position for the shortie, a defensive breakdown cost us the game, and we couldn't do much offensively. Reminiscent of our play before the new year. Then again, I give Ferris credit for playing better in their own barn than they did on the road Friday night.

                    Looking forward, it certainly appears to me that 1st through 3rd in the CCHA should be fairly well locked up. Miami will take first, with Ferris and MSU taking second and third, not necessarily in that order. Our race is most certainly for fourth and the last first round bye.

                    Lake State (currently 4th) has arguably the toughest remaining schedule of anyone in a position to grab fourth. Miami, Alaska, and Northern on the road; Ferris at home. Those will all be difficult to walk away with anything better than a split each weekend.

                    Alaska (5th) may be a bit easier, but for a team with 2 wins since Thanksgiving to play at Northern and OSU, and get State and Lake State at home, they'll struggle a bit.

                    Notre Dame (6th). This is our biggest foe for the remainder of the season. They currently sit one point ahead of Michigan, but have a relatively easy schedule until season's end when they face us in a home-and-home. The Irish host UNO next weekend, then go on the road against Western and BG before seeing us. It's hard to think that they don't bring home at least 12 points in that stretch, giving them 41 on the board coming into the Michigan series.

                    Michigan (7th) has two games in hand on the aforementioned competition, and a difficult schedule leading up to the Notre Dame series. Road and Joe with State next weekend, the following Thursday at BG, Saturday against Wisconsin in the outdoor game, back home for a Tuesday against BG, then on the road to UNO before coming home to see Northern. That non-conference game against Wisconsin could have big implications in our tournament hopes, and also throws a big wrench into the schedule in terms of any normal rest/practice cycle for two weeks. Thankfully the Thursday/Tuesday happens to be BG, but we've already proven that we can lose to anyone this year.

                    UNO (8th) sits one point back at 27, and should be a relative non-factor. They're on the road against Notre Dame and Miami, home against OSU and Michigan. With our two games in hand, I think that's just enough to rule them out of the picture.

                    OSU (9th) at 26 points. They host Ferris and Alaska, travel to Western and UNO, and finish the season with a home-and-home against Miami. Again, I think that's enough to rule them out of the race, even though we hold no advantage in games played.

                    So, that sums it up for right now. Hope the Irish lose, but probably not enough to drop them out of TUC status. That could go either way depending on the last weekend. I'd be happy if they dropped two before playing us. Anything else is gravy. The onus will be on Michigan to play well consistently leading up to that series. Then the final bye will be determined on the ice that weekend.
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                    • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                      For this fan, I'm not going to worry about the other teams, and just hope that by tournament time, the funk is gone, and we can make an honest run for the CCHA tournament. As I see it anymore, that's our only viable way of making the tournament this season, since we can't seem to take a good Friday effort and turn it into a good Saturday game, yet.

                      If, somehow, we can take two this weekend, I'll know that they've got a pretty good answer. But it seems to be one forward, one back- we are just treading water for the time being.

                      I listened to part of the game Saturday, and the UM announcers were complaining pretty strongly about the number of penalties- on both sides. Just no real pace to the game. But our guys need to figure out how to play those kinds of games, too.

                      Still, there is enough improvement to be hopeful of an unlikely birth in the NCAA.


                      • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                        I tend to agree, which is why I place so much value on the CCHA playoffs. With the way the team has played this year, going on the road to face a top 4 team in the second round doesn't bode well for us. Fourth place is going to be critical. It may not matter ultimately, but it would certainly put us in a much better position.


                        • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                          That will be the only way they will advance to JLA.

                          Right now this team can't put together two solid efforts, especially if they are forced to do it on the road. Goaltending, defense, goal scoring, discipline. (although, based on the reactions of posters in other CCHA threads, the officiating injustices are spread like peanut butter across the conference.)

                          Sigh. At least we have a taste of what living on the island of misfit toys would be like. (Or East Lansing in the Fall, that is, unless you count the savior's time there.) It's almost time for Charlie in the box to go to bed early. Softball season is right around the corner.


                          • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                            It won't go away, but at least it isn't more bad press. This guy is saying Coach Berenson is a stud:


                            Lombardi's Comments Preposterous, Harmful
                            by Adam Wodon/Managing Editor

                            Dean Lombardi's backpedaling from his recent comments about former Michigan Wolverine Jack Johnson, Michigan hockey, and legendary coach Red Berenson, only answered things we already figured out.

                            Lombardi, the general manager of the NHL's Los Angeles Kings, Johnson's current team, said that in trashing Berenson for his ability to develop players, he was only trying to defend Johnson, and that he believed his comments were off the record.

                            This was predictable.

                            The bigger problem, however, is not that Lombardi said it — it's that Lombardi believes it.

                            Never mind, for a minute, that it's harmful for Lombardi to publicly state that Michigan coach Red Berenson is horrible at developing players. He's also flat out wrong. I believe that, I suspect most anyone reading this will believe that. He is wrong about the larger implication of college hockey, and he is wrong about Red Berenson in particular. At best, it's possible there are kernels of truth in what Lombardi says — maybe — but not really. On the whole, his comments were inflammatory, preposterous, and out of line.

                            The problem for college hockey, however, is two-fold.

                            One, that this attitude still exists. And two, and most importantly, at a time when college hockey is fighting a difficult battle for top recruits with major junior (and losing ground), it doesn't need the public seeing comments like that about one of its top programs.

                            Two years ago, Garth Snow, the general manager of the New York Islanders, made similar comments about another two-time national champion coach, Don Lucia of Minnesota. Kyle Okposo decided to leave for the Islanders in the middle of his sophomore year, and Lucia was understandably upset about the move, pointing the finger at Snow for pressuring Okposo. Snow then disparaged Lucia and his coaching ability. The funny thing is, both Lucia and Snow were both also trying to "protect the player" by making it about the other guy, not Okposo. The next year, the Islanders drafted Minnesota's Aaron Ness, so how much Snow really believed what he said is another story.

                            (As an aside — since I get bombarded with Islanders fan hate mail every time I mention this topic — I am a life-long died-in-the-wool New York Islanders fan. I watch Okposo play every game, love him, and have said on the record that I believe he should be on the U.S. Olympic team. This isn't about him. It's about Snow making comments that — like Lombardi's — were preposterous and inflammatory, and harmful to college hockey.)

                            People in the Canadian Hockey League (the umbrella group of the three Canadian Major Junior leagues, the OHL, WHL and QMJHL) have taken these comments and ran with them — reveled in them.

                            All of the coaches I spoke to say the same thing — they are not going to stoop to similarly bad-mouthing someone in the press. They simply believe the comments were wrong; and Red Berenson's record speaks so much for itself, that no one really needs to say anything. Just turn on the TV. Heck, Mike Knuble is still playing. Brendan Morrison, Marty Turco, Blake Sloan, Matt Hunwick, John Madden, Mike Cammalleri, Mike Komisarek, Andy Hilbert, Mike Comrie. There was Chris Tamer and Aaron Ward from back in the day. These guys didn't get better under Berenson?

                            Oddly, for both Snow and Lombardi, it's a case of eating their own. Snow, of course, was a top-notch four-year goaltender at Maine during its heyday. Lombardi played in Division III of the NCAA.

                            Both GMs would probably say (if they ever said anything at all) that they were only criticizing specific coaches, not the NCAA as a whole.

                            But, true or not, it has a damaging effect on college hockey.

                            College hockey made major strides the past 20 years in bringing in top-notch talent, coinciding with the general improvement of American hockey, peaking in the mid-to-late 2000s. But a lot of that top-end talent is now going elsewhere, convinced by crafty CHL marketing packages and enticements.

                            Comments like those of Lombardi and Snow run counter to what those guys should be focusing on — improving the quality of amateur hockey everywhere.

                            There also remains the pervasive attitude — apparently dimmed over the years, but maybe not — of NHL people that believe major junior hockey is a better place to develop talent as a whole. I would vehemently disagree with that, and could point out (again) all the reasons why — more practice time in college, skill improvement, life skills, leadership, etc. ... — and why that is more beneficial than the knee-jerk "there's more games in major junior" attitude that prevails. But it's preaching to the converted around here.

                            Of all people to criticize, Lombardi's pointing of the finger at Red Berenson is particularly outrageous. Berenson symbolizes as much as anyone else the fight college hockey is going through. Not only is Berenson the most accomplished NHL player ever to coach in college hockey — he was the first college graduate to be an NHL star, and he went on to become an NHL Coach of the Year — there is no person in college hockey more devoted to training student-athletes to be "MEN" than Red Berenson. You think Red Berenson didn't attempt to get through to Johnson in two years?

                            Berenson preaches growing as a person, staying in school, graduating — not just as valuable to a person individually, but valuable to their growth in hockey too. He's seen it. It irritates him when players look for shortcuts — guys who leave the program early for the pros, or those who have bailed out for major junior (like Robbie Czarnik this year), or players who bail out on commitments before getting there (like World Junior goalie Jack Campbell).

                            Is that what Lombardi's gripe is all about? Is this just an extension of an age-old feud, where Berenson's comments in the past on this topic, as players like Cammalleri were plucked away by the Kings before graduation, have rubbed Lombardi the wrong way? Who knows.

                            "Unless they have a need to pump their own tires, I don't see what they have to gain," said one NCAA hockey official.

                            You wonder, too, because you have seen so many sons of ex-NHL players go to college hockey over the last 10-15 years or so, seeming to have "gotten it." Three players on this year's U.S. World Junior teams were sons of former die hard Canadian major junior hockey legends. So things are even more baffling in that context. Of course, that has also flip-flopped recently. Not one, but two of Ray Bourque's sons have skipped out on college — Chris, who went to Boston University for a year, barely attended class, and bolted for a "pro" career that's gone nowhere; and Ryan, who bailed on a commitment to New Hampshire to head to Major Junior this year.

                            Let's just say, nothing is making sense these days.

                            NHL commissioner Gary Bettman gets criticized in some circles for his commitment to hockey across the United States, even in the Sun Belt — with teams in Phoenix, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Dallas and Nashville, for example. But is there any doubt that having teams in those places has led to a surge in youth hockey in those areas? Is there any doubt that this has helped college hockey, and American hockey as a whole? Just look at the rosters and where players are coming from these days.

                            So for prominent members of Bettman's general manager circle to be ripping college hockey in that manner, is not helpful even to their own league's goals.

                            You are left to wonder if anyone in the NHL puts these pieces together? Is there still a fear of going "against the grain?"

                            As one NCAA coach said, there are lots of former college people in GM roles, prominent names like Lou Lamoriello, Don Waddell, Brian Burke, David McNabb and Paul Holmgren. They are OK with having college players on their teams. But is anyone going to the wall for college hockey inside NHL circles? Do they extoll the virtues of college hockey, not just as a decent way station for their players, or a place to pluck late-bloomer free agents from, but as a legitimate developmental option?

                            And do you ever see comments like Lombardi's about a major junior coach?

                            Kudos, by the way, to Jack Johnson. This is no offense to Okposo, really, but Johnson did something Okposo did not — counter-attacked his own GM's comments by defending his old college coach. Good for him. Johnson was mad at the initial comments, and didn't buy into Lombardi's backpedaling either.

                            Jack Johnson now has himself a feud with his own GM, which could entertain NHL fans this year.

                            College hockey is left with bigger issues.
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                            Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                            • Re: Michigan Hockey 2010 - Delivery or Take Out?

                              And yet another FYE...


                              The Dilemma
                              College Hockey's Recruiting Battles Intensify
                              by Joshua Berhow/CHN Writer

                              The statement Jack Campbell released might have been honest, but one portion of it wasn’t exactly a message the NCAA wanted to hear.

                              Campbell, who made a verbal commitment to be an incoming Michigan recruit next season, released a statement last December explaining why he chose not to come to Ann Arbor, Mich., next year and instead go to the Ontario Hockey League.

                              And his message made the NCAA cringe.

                              “By going to the Ontario Hockey League, I feel it will accelerate my development so I will be able to more quickly achieve my goal of being an NHL goaltender,” he said.

                              As if the NCAA didn’t have enough problems competing with Major Junior hockey in recruiting the top young players.

                              Campbell will most likely be the first goaltender selected in this summer’s NHL Draft — he was a sixth-round pick by the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires in 2008 — and decided to go to the OHL just days after Michigan sophomore Robbie Czarnik left the Wolverines for the OHL’s Plymouth Whalers.

                              Prior to Czarnik leaving, Minnesota sophomore Sam Lofquist left the Gophers for presumably a deal with the OHL’s London Knights but has now landed with the Guelph Storm, and incoming freshman Kenny Ryan left Boston College just prior to the start of the regular season for Major Junior as well.

                              Although it’s reported that Czarnik is still going to school at Michigan, his exact reasons for leaving the team are still unclear, and the same goes for Lofquist and Ryan. But the biggest dagger to the NCAA has been without question Campbell’s decision.

                              “It’s definitely something that has worried the NCAA in general as you can see by the steps [we] took in hiring someone to help us market our game and push our game and better educate people about what it is and the opportunities there are in college hockey,” said one member of a WCHA coaching staff, speaking of the recent hiring of former head of the NHL Players Association Paul Kelly, who now serves as the Executive Director of College Hockey, Inc, a new organization designed to help promote the game at the collegiate level.

                              Hockey East Commissioner Joe Bertagna said Kelly will “raise the profile of college hockey,” and he’s confident Kelly can help educate young players on their future hockey choices.

                              “Some kids didn’t get all the facts first and hopefully Paul and his staff can at least help kids know both sides before they make a decision,” Bertagna said.

                              The promotion of teams and players is where the NCAA trails Major Junior the most, as leagues like the OHL thrive in Canada from a marketing and promotional standpoint.

                              Major Junior has a few clear recruiting advantages over the NCAA as well, mainly that players are drafted at a young age and coaches can talk to players whenever they want and at any age. College coaches can’t even contact players until they turn 16, and still the contact is limited.

                              This has been an age-old issue. But in recent years, the OHL has raised the heat, and now, more top-flight Americans (and there are more of them) are bolting as well.

                              “It used to be a problem in recruiting Canadian players,” said the same member of a WCHA coaching staff. “It’s now a problem in recruiting hockey players.”

                              But what does the NCAA do to prevent what is now a few stragglers from becoming an ever-growing movement away from the college game?

                              One point of emphasis the NCAA has is education, which is what Bertagna said has always been the NCAA’s primary focus. He said only about 20 percent of kids who play Major Junior go on to graduate from a Canadian university — which is helped paid for by the player’s former Major Junior team — while about 80 percent of NCAA hockey players finish school with a degree.

                              The biggest thing the NCAA can do seems to be informing players of their options, and it looks as if help is on the way in that area with Kelly coming aboard. Besides getting word out of what the NCAA believes are advantages of college hockey, there’s not much else that can be done immediately.

                              There has been talk in the past about allowing NCAA coaches to call players once a year or allow them to talk to players at a younger age, and also discussion about allowing players to play a year of Major Junior without signing a contract and losing NCAA eligibility. These options — like many others — have been discussed before, but still seem to be nowhere near an eventual reality.

                              The NCAA just hopes younger players can delay their decisions until they know enough about both leagues to figure out which route is the best for them.

                              Said the same member of a WCHA coaching staff: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times: I’ve never seen patience kill a hockey player.”
                              Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                                Good posts, RULZ, keep it up.
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