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RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (1/9, 1/10)

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  • RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (1/9, 1/10)


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    Re: RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (1/9, 1/10)

    Congrats to Princeton and Quinnipiac on their upcoming two points, as we show why I picked RPI to finish in dead last.


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      Re: RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (1/9, 1/10)

      Anyone coming to Princeton on Saturday? We have our usual tickets but will not be sure we can attend until almost the last minute(some unexpected problems among our rescued cats). Would be one of the very few times in the last 40 years if we do not go.
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        Re: RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (1/9, 1/10)

        I have a ticket in Section 125 and expect to be there on Saturday, barring unforeseen circumstances.

        I'll be looking for Dr. D and Jenny in the fur coats, but if you're not there, I understand. Cats are important.

        As far as this weekend's matchups go, with RPI having lost to Quinnipiac in Troy back in November and with the Bobcats having played much the better of the two in the interim, it looks very likely indeed that the Engineers will arrive at Baker Rink riding a 9-game losing streak.

        RPI did beat Princeton in Troy, but it seemed as though they took their foot off the gas after opening up a 3-0 lead. Princeton scored once and had what appeared to be several good opportunities to score more before the final buzzer. RPI needs to play a 60-minute game (how many times have we said that?) if they want to get back on the winning side.

        On the other side of the weekend's brackets, Union is coming off a tie with still-No.-1-ranked BU, but they are a long way behind Quinnipiac in the ECAC standings. Another loss on Saturday night would probably spell the end of Union's chances to catch the Bobcats. Big game for the Dutchmen on Saturday.

        But if Dr. D's scouting report on Princeton (from another thread) is accurate, the Tigers might spring a surprise on Friday night if they catch Union looking past them.


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          Re: RPI & Union @ Quinnipiac & Princeton (1/9, 1/10)

          I'll be making the 15 minute drive from New Haven to Hamden for the RPI @ Quinnipiac game on Friday. Hopefully it goes better than last year...
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