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    Re: Your best Ref digs...

    ECACs a couple years back, I was sitting near the Colgate band, and when the ref Chip McDonald came out for his warmup, the band starting playing Old MacDonald had a farm. I've never seen linesmen try to skate around the ice while trying to not bust out laughing before.

    Oddly enough, I also feel like there were a lot of penalty calls against Colgate that period. Which at some point led to someone shouting "Hey ref, if you had another eye, you'd be a Cyclops." I thought that one was pretty good too.
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      Re: Your best Ref digs...

      Originally posted by RaceBoarder View Post
      The one where the refs point and laugh at the student section because a majority of the students don't know their *** from a hole in the ground when it comes to hockey
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        Re: Your best Ref digs...

        Originally posted by Dirty View Post
        At UND the students are on the penalty box, which happens to be where the refs come out onto the ice. On Friday night the refs were just standing in the penalty box waiting to go on the ice and my idiot of a friend decided it was a good idea to reach over the glass and tap Don Adam on the shoulder. On Saturday before the game, a security guard came and talked to us and said not to do that again because Adam was pizzed about it and wanted whoever did it kicked out.

        So a little bit later when the refs were waiting to go onto the ice I asked Adam "So wait, if I tap you on the shoulder I get kicked out of the game but if I break a guy's f^cking neck, I get a two-minute minor?". I don't think he was amused.

        In the ECAC we've got the displeasure of seeing Alex Dell work his orange armband magic. The fun part about him is that he's a worker's comp attorney in Albany. At the last game he worked, one guy in the crowd managed to get a great zinger on him:

        "Hey Dell! Look! An ambulance!"

        I'm also guilty of yelling many comparisons between Dell and Lionel Hutz.
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