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2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

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  • 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

    Just paid $13 a game for my blue line seats, there may be a $15 seat at Ingalls. I was wondering what other D-1 schools are charging per game (including exhibitions) for season tickets. Thanks.
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    Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

    This season BU is charging $379 for 16 regular season games, plus 3 exhibition games (the game vs the U.S. World Junior Team is at Walter Brown Arena, but is included if you request it). That comes to $19.95/game.
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      Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

      Man you are all gonna feel great when you see what Gopher fans pay
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        Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

        $750-$1,050 per ticket in the main bowl ($1,250 or $1,550 in the club)
        18 games at Mariucci
        2 games at the Xcel for the MN tourney
        2 exhibition games
        If you treat those all as a full game, $34.09-$47.73 per ticket in the main bowl.


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          Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

          $205 for 15 games and an exhibition. So $14 or so.


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            Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

            At LSSU it is 162 for 14 regular season games, and the 3 playoff games, if necessary. So about 10 dollars per game.


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              Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

              Bemidji State starts at $275 ($16 per game)...goes up to $675 (just shy of $40 per game) for a seat. The $675 is in the Club level with a full bar. Suites are more...don't know how much more though. There are 17 home games this year. Parking is free, and with a season ticket purchase, you get free admission to the BSU Women's games. Single game tickets start at $25...go up to $50 per game for the premium games.


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                Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                From what I remember about North Dakota:

                Center Ice - Lower Bowl: ~$3500-$12,500 ($390/ticket + at least Directors Club membership ($3000+) (or Emerald Club ($6,000+) or Diamond Club ($12,000+)))
                Blueline to Endline - Lower Bowl: ~$1700 ($390/ticket + at least Coaches Club membership ($1250+))
                Behind the Nets - Lower Bowl: ~$1150 ($390/ticket + at least Captains Club membership ($750+))
                Center Ice - Upper Bowl: ~$750 ($390/ticket + at least Varsity Club membership ($360+))
                Corners - Upper Bowl: ~$550 ($390/ticket + at least Century Club membership ($120+))

                Also, having (for example) Directors Club membership does not guarantee you tickets at center ice. There is a points system used to determine how good of seats you have. So, if there are enough Diamond and Emerald Club members for the center ice seats, then the Directors Club members get pushed out (and the process continues from there). Also, just because you are a member of a club, does not guarantee season tickets...simply it guarantees you a spot on the waiting list and you start to accumulate points. Needless to say, it's not a cheap ticket at North Dakota
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                  Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                  Union is $179 for adults, $99 for youth. That includes an exhibition game, 15 regular season games and the off-site/non-conference "Mayor's Cup" vs RPI.


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                    Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                    UMass Lowell prices are $125 (12 and under), $175 (alumni) and $235 (adult). There are also Pavilion packages that are either $525 or $675.
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                      Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                      DU season tix range from $374 to $572 for "22 games", that includes their exhibition, and 2 playoff games. $22-$26/game if they host a first round series. The top 3 tiers must also "donate" $55 per seat (not incl in the above #s)

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                        Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                        Colgate has a bunch of options, but if I'm doing the math right, it looks like it would actually cost MORE to buy a season ticket then to just buy each game individually:

                        Chairback Seating: $190 for a season ticket, $183 if you buy them individually
                        Bleachers: $120 for the season vs. $103 individually

                        It does work out that you save a little bit if you qualify for the "community" ticket (anyone within 50 miles of Hamilton), but it's not a huge amount. Playoff games aren't included, but there is a discount. Basically the only sell is a guaranteed seat for the Cornell game.


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                          Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                          Alaska Fairbanks 2014-15 adult season ticket prices:
                          Reserved Mezzanine                = $375 each    ($18.75 per game)
                          General Admission Balcony         = $235 each    ($11.75 per game)
                          Package includes:
                          Brice Alaska Goal Rush		 2  UAF games + 2 UAA games
                          Exhibition			 1 game
                          Regular Season		        14 games
                          WCHA playoff *		 	 3 games  
                          			        20 games
                           *unused per ticket price credited to next year


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                            Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                            RIT - these are regular adult tickets. Factuly/Staff/Alum/Students get discounts.

                            Club Seating $450 (includes "better" seats, full buffet and cash bar)
                            Reserved Seating $235
                            GA $185

                            Includes 16 games at the new Gene Polisseni Center, plus 1 exhbition, and 1 game downtown at the Blue Cross Arena (against BC)
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                              Re: 2014-2015 Season ticket prices?

                              BGSU Falcons pricing:

                              General admission: $152
                              Bench reserved: $195
                              Prime chairback reserved: $282

                              18 regular season games plus exhibition vs. Simon Fraser, and including the Winterfest outdoor game at Fifth Third Field in Toledo.

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