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Comparison of Jr. Hockey Leagues

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    Re: Comparison of Jr. Hockey Leagues

    Originally posted by joecct View Post
    To distinguish themselves from the NAHL. The USHL and NAHL used to play for US Junior hockey supremacy. Then the USHL decided that they were too good and stopped playing the NAHL. So USA came up with the Tier system to distinguish the USHL from the rest of the great unwashed.

    If you think I am very cynical about USA Hockey, you're right.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but did not USA Hockey institute that designation based on what players could receive from the respective Junior Leagues. At the time everyone under the sun was designating themselves with the Junior A tag but some leagues forced the full cost of participation on the players, others only partial costs and one in particular picked up all player cost...guess which league that was. The USHL is the premier A league now because players incur no cost to play. All equipment, travel and billeting expenses are paid for by the respective teams in the USHL. Players in the NAHL do not have to pay ice fees nor travel cost and some equipment is paid for the by the team but they do have to pay for billeting.