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Michigan Tech Offseason 2014: Nothing To Say

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    Originally posted by Twitch Boy View Post
    Yeah, we have been. Most of the power players from our posting heyday from '06-'09 or so have graduated and been scattered to the four winds. Plus there was the rise of the Tweeter machine and Bookfacething to distract us. I still hang around here, but I'm working in Alaska and mostly stick to the Lodge these days to avoid the purse fights that seem to have taken over D1.

    It's the circle of life.
    Thank you for the thoughtful reply Twitch...

    I'm doing my best to get this thread to 1,000 for you guys.
    Originally posted by alfablue
    Still bitter, eh? Gotta get over it someday. He left, and UMICH was right.
    Originally posted by Nick Papagiorgio
    I think Notre Dame should wear sparkly silver helmets to match all their runner-up trophies.