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RPI Offseason Thread: 7 Months of Drivel

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  • [QUOTE=ServinisScores;5958244]You start out by claiming my last statement is ignorant, then you agree with me...?

    I don't care about the general NHL - I'm talking about why are the high-end recruits Seth gets lauded for landing are leaving so soon? Is D'Amigo well-positioned for an NHL FA contract? Haggerty? Zalewski?[

    Whether you care about the NHL is irrelevant. The FACT is that talented college kids now have opportunities to leave school and bank large checks. This is fact. If you expect kids, with help from their "Advisors " (be they from RPI or elsewhere ) to not be tempted by this reality , then I can't help you. Zalewski reportedly had more than one offer , ditto Haggerty. The Rangers burned an NHL deal on Hags with a handful of games remaining in their season because they didn't want to risk a bidding war.

    Up until the day he landed on campus, there were reports that JDA would report to Kitchener and skip college. the "quicker " route to the pros. But now your revisionist history insinuates that Seth drove him away.

    If you have an issue with Appert recruiting kids who attract NHL teams, then have the stones to say it. Don't give us some mealy mouthed grassy knoll insinuation that Haggerty et al left to get away from Seth.
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