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DU vs UND --We Meet Again

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    Re: DU vs UND --We Meet Again

    Originally posted by du78 View Post
    Jussi's save from last night

    I thought this would be on Sports Center last night for sure. Had to settle for seeing Sam Warnings goal in the scTopTen.


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      Re: DU vs UND --We Meet Again

      Rxciting game last night, Really glad the Pios came thru for the win and 2 big points.
      Do it again boys!

      That stick save by Jussi was S I C K!!

      Unfortunately Knight and Kristo deserve all the press they get.
      (frostbite and all)
      GO DU !!!


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        Re: DU vs UND --We Meet Again

        Originally posted by dggoddard View Post
        There should be a "Fire Donald - Give Shyiak An Extension" Thread.

        Now to answer Dirty's Fan Mail Questions.

        Q: Were there any more hush hush suspensions or players leaving DU over their bye week?
        A: If you didn't hear about them, they didn't happen. Move along.

        Q: Will DU manage to account for half the fans at Magness?
        A: The Freak Show arrives at Magness Arena on Friday night. Hopefully they all move back to North Dakota on Sunday.

        Q: Will the DU student section be empty as they all went to Daddy's Chalet?
        A: Its Western Night in the Student Section.

        Q: During which period will Nolan Zajac transfer to UND?
        A: The only way Zajac ever visits North Dakota is if his NHL Charter Flight has mechanical problems on the way to Chicago.

        Q: Could Garrett Allen look any more like a mole?
        A: Garrett Allen is so fast he's never had his photo taken.

        Q: Zach Hope's two favorite players are both UND alums. Why do you think that is?
        A: Because the only UND alums worth a **** are hockey players.

        Q: If they play all four goalies at the same time, do the Pioneers have a chance of stopping UND?

        A: Gwoz's new power play unit features four goaltenders & two Dmen. Its designed to not give up shorthanded goals.

        "Western Night" was another Code Red. Epic Failure!