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Fire Poulin!

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  • Fire Poulin!

    Oh wait, we already did that.

    I'm just having a hard time seeing the difference right now.

    Oh wait, there it is... this team has buttloads of talent and plays in a fancy arena instead of a glorified banquet hall.

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    Re: Fire Poulin!

    Lose like a champion today.
    Originally posted by reBlur
    the sober Trivino I know is not a guy who would force his way into a girl's room and attempt to rape her. I can't imagine him ever making anyone even feel uncomfortable when he's sober.There are plenty of players in my time covering the team who have looked at me differently or flirted with me or the like. Trivino has never been one of those players. Even outside of the rink, he'll say hi and is plenty of friendly, but has never been even close to saying or doing anything inappropriate.


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      Re: Fire Poulin!

      Alaska Dispatch .... Doyle Woody
      UAF made the kind of hockey history on October 10th 2015 that no team wants to claim – the Nanooks became the first NCAA Division I victim of Arizona State.

      Originally Posted by WeWantMore At least you guys have Packers colors.

      I Must be Famous ....a School named their program after me