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2012-2013: NCAA Rankings - Week 7

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    Re: 2012-2013: NCAA Rankings - Week 7

    Who knows what system people on here use to rate the teams. It's certainly fun to do regardless. BUT.. the writers/ media guys certainly use reputation over pretty much anything else. Witness, Michigan ranked so high for several weeks this year, Lowell ranked high early this year, Yale ranked high even as a .500 team last season. I don't think any of those teams are top ten but they got ranked like they were.

    Personally I try to rank teams on talent and achievement. In Minnesota's case they have a lot of talent, and a fair bit of achievement ( I don't know if talent is the same as potential or not). We all don't get to see every team, so it's reputation, reading the score sheets and the game summary's, and some guesswork I would think as well.

    Here's another example, U Mass, they have played quite well seems to me, but have either tied or lost vs some high ranked teams. It's hard to place them high, but on the other hand I would think they are pretty good and will pull some surprises as the year goes by. So when someone beats them I give the winner a good bit of credit though the polls don't. And last, I use Kratch a lot and I wonder why people don't mention it more often. I think the pwr this time of year is not a good metric..... Just my two cents though.
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      Originally posted by x1795x View Post
      You're right. This isn't about Union; its about posters rating Minnesota so high because of its potential. Those posters are saying one thing and doing another. If you leave aside the Gopher's reputation, they're potential is comparable to Union's. Union lost only major point contributor. Last year, both teams won their league and made the Frozen Four. Both teams lost very little. Union has a previous Hobey finalist. Union won 72% of its games last year. Last year, Union lost only three games after Christmas.

      Based on the stats Koho says constituted a team's potential, Union's resume looks pretty similar to Minnesota's. So why would one team, (supposedly) based on mostly its potential, be consistently rated so high, and the other team consistently not included in folks' top ten? My answer: reputation is creeping into posters' rating criteria.

      For the record, its legitimate to use reputation as a criteria in selecting a top ten. Yet, its bad form to deny that you're using reputation.

      Lastly, I don't want to disparage Lucia's legacy with the Gophers. His accomplishments are impressive, but outside of last year he hasn't finished in the top four in the WCHA in since 2007. I misspoke. Lucia hasn't underperformed for most of his Gopher tenure. He's just underperformed the last couple of years (outside of last year).
      Maybe people think Union's record combined with their quality of opponent isn't impressive enough to merit top 10 status. Or maybe they think that if Union played any of the teams in their top 10 they would lose.
      Originally posted by SJHovey
      Pretty sure this post, made on January 3, 2016, when UNO was 14-3-1 and #2 in the pairwise, will go down in USCHO lore as The Curse of Tipsy McStagger.
      Originally posted by Brenthoven
      We mourn for days after a loss, puff out our chests for a week or more after we win. We brave the cold for tailgates, our friends know not to ask about the game after a tough loss, we laugh, we cry, we BLEED hockey, specifically the maroon'n'gold. Many of us have a tattoo waiting in the wings, WHEN (not IF) the Gophers are champions again.


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        Re: 2012-2013: NCAA Rankings - Week 7

        Just a heads up for those still wanting to post their top 10 and have it count toward the CHW power rankings, your top 10 must be posted by Noon (eastern), so you have about 90 minutes left to do so.

        Also, thank you to all of those who have already submitted their top 10.
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