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#12 UNH vs. #15 Northeastern: 10/26-27

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    Re: #12 UNH vs. #15 Northeastern: 10/26-27

    Sure enough right after I made that post praising the NU stream it all went to hell. First period was great
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      Re: #12 UNH vs. #15 Northeastern: 10/26-27

      I would normally be disappointed at not getting the W but, in this case, I can't complain. Both goaltenders stood on their heads. Pretty nice story line with Mountain allowing just one grudging goal in almost five periods of play.

      Northeastern is for real. Between last weekend and this, they've hung with two of the top teams in the league. I think it's also significant to note that they didn't get down on themselves after the frustrating way the Friday game ended. If the goaltending stabilizes, they'll be a force to be reckoned with.
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        Re: #12 UNH vs. #15 Northeastern: 10/26-27

        Originally posted by Split-N View Post

        Northeastern is for real. Between last weekend and this, they've hung with two of the top teams in the league. .
        And been shutout in two of those games....
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          Re: #12 UNH vs. #15 Northeastern: 10/26-27

          Actually tonight a few of our forwards played selfishly, taking the shot when square to the goalie.. Saponari, who is usually unselfish on ice, was anything but tonight.. surprisingly. Twice he had a man wide open on the back door.. he did not pass & went ahead and took the shot. Same for Vrolyk.. Pimm skated well.. came close on more than one occassion.

          Anyway, big news is - Well played Mountain! Also, our PK was pretty awesome tonight compared to the 'sit back, now kills us' approach last night.

          UNH plays quite disciplined hockey.. if they continue, it'll serve them well down the road. They also have great team speed & on both surfaces, the big ice up at the Whit, and at Matthews.. it was nice to see the Huskies keep up & match the intensity. We are a young team.. let's see how far we get. Regardless, they are fun to watch (except Rawlings self destructing of course).
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            Re: #12 UNH vs. #15 Northeastern: 10/26-27

            Went to my first game of the year and saw the best goaltending performance by a NU goalie since Brad Thiessen. Bryan Mountain should start every game unless his play dictates otherwise. Play him every minute of every game.
            I was impressed by all of the frosh forwards. Kevin Roy has the potential to be another Jason Guerriero, great passer, good shot, sees the ice very well. Other players will love to be on the ice with him; but any comparisons with Johnny Gaudreau are not relevant; he is no Johnny Gaudreau; schools like NU get a player like Gaudreau about once every 20 years. Oh I forgot Gaudreau never went to NU!
            Cody Ferriero played very well, but he has to learn to control his temper. There are more sophisticated ways to inflict pain on your opponent then hitting them after the whistle.
            He should read “The Prince” by the great Italian, Nicola Machiavelli.
            The biggest surprise of the night was the improved play by Ben Oskroba. He is skating much better this year and all of the other areas of his game have made significant improvement. If he keeps playing this well then by the end of the year he could be NU’s best D man. I know a lot more about basketball and football than I do about hockey, but why was there no D to D passing by the NU defense? New Hampshire quickly adjusted to that fact and Dick Umile ,had his players ignore the NU D men when they were in the New Hampshire zone. They were playing 5 on the 3 NU forwards?
            Question of the month. Harvard had a men’s basketball coach for 6 years who had the reputation of being the last coach to show up for practice and the first one to leave; who was he? His record was 58 wins and 98 losses for .372 W-L records. He was dismissed as coach after the 1990-1991, season.