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Msu-el @ nmu, 11/18,19

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    Re: Msu-el @ nmu, 11/18,19

    Originally posted by Cat Country View Post
    NMU shot it and it went five hole from my angle and just as the puck started to come out from under MSU's goalie they blew the whistle. I never actually heard the whistle due to cheering but it was going about medium speed through the goalie. So yes, very quick whistle.

    Edit: I just watched the replay of it on FSN and the referee behind the play blew the play dead. The ref closest called it a goal. And I heard the whistle this time...and I still think it blew after it was in the net.
    Gotcha... Like I said, no audio at the bar, so I wasn't sure... I saw the ref behind the goal line signal goal after the puck trickled in, so that is why I was confused... I assumed that he never lost the puck, so I had no reason to think that the back ref would kill the play off with the whistle...
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